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Clear Collage Matte MediYum | travel size

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Skin safe and non-toxic
Apply with any brush (Skinni Mini is best!)
Perfect for journals and collage
Dries clear & Waterproof
Layer all sorts of media when dry!

Jane Davenport Clear Collage MediYum is a crystal clear, water-based varnish with a mat finish that’s perfect for using with the Collage sheets and on all other mixed media projects.

50ml bottle.
Made in the UK


Watch the video!

What Jane says

Use the Collage MediYum with the new Collage paper sets and Skinni Mini brush!

What you might like to know

Store bottle in a darker corner of your desk/table/artspace. If exposed to prolonged light/ sunshine the formula in the bottle may experience a colour shift. The formula will still dry  work as usual but may have a slight vintage look!


Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 4 cm

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