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Tropical Reef WaterWands | 24 aquarelle colour pencils!

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24 high pigment, bright colours!
Fine cores for details
Smooth and fulsome Laydown
Watercolour in a pencil!
Wonderful to Sketch with!

The joy of Water Wands is that you can colour as usual, but can also create water colours!

These pigment-rich pencils have a fulsome colour laydown that turns to watercolour when you add liquid.

Theses 24 bright colours are named for the tropical colours found in the Great Barrier Reef.

One of my Favourites is “Valerie Taylor” who is the Australian version of Jaques Cousteau. She hosted her own TV shows in the 70’s and 80’s encouraging conservation and care of our natural heritage while showing the wonders of the deep in her hot pink wetsuit.


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What Jane says

WaterWands are brilliantly versatile because they can be used like a regular pencil to draw, but they have a bunch of tricks up their sleeves.
one of the most fun things is how they can be used on drying paint, where very few other supplies can be used. Try it for yourself!

WaterWands come in a suite of gorgeous colours, but the overall effect is more delicate than regular pencils and regular watercolour. They have their own look and effect! They also work BEAUTIFULLY with other art supplies.

I call my colour pencils Magic Wands because we wave them at paper and lovely things happen! And when they are aquarelles, they have to be Water Wands!

Unlike graphite or lead pencils, WaterWands cannot be easily erased and that is why I encourage all my online art students to use them as a sketching tool. When the option of erasing is removed, it forces you to live with the lines you make and embark on the journey of imperfection!


What you might like to know



  • Always use a sharp sharpener. If you find that you have a breaking lead every time you sharpen, it is most likely being caused by a dirty or blunt blade and/or rough sharpening technique.
  • As you sharpen try and get a long smooth spiral of shaving. This is gentler on the pencil and will give better results. If the shavings are small, rough and jagged, the sharpener is blunt.
  • Some sharpeners have removable and replaceable blades.
  • You can clean off a build up of waxes and oils on the blade left from colour pencils by sharpening a graphite pencil occasionally.
  • Do not drop your pencils or rap them on a table as it can shatter the lead inside.
  • In my book ‘Beautiful Faces’ and the accompanying online workshop I show you more techniques in detail! Find them at

You can also get bothe sets in a bundle: click here

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm

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