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Meet your Marker x 3 | Add your own inks!

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Make your own custom markers
mix your own colours!
Filling is easy.
Create beautiful details
bullet nibs and chisel nibs included.

This set contains what you need to make three customised markers! All you need to add is your favourite inks. Here is my set of INKredible markers i made – just love them!

It adds a whole new way of using your inks!

There are two types of nib for you to choose from – the bullet or the Chisel!


Watch the video!

What Jane says


  1. Place the nibs you want to use into some water to moisten – leave for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Place the foam barrel in your ink bottle and let it soak up the ink you want to use. Ink will stop uploading to the foam barrel once it’s full.
  3. Take the moistened nib and place the narrowest end into the top of the pen. Insert the nib right up to the ridge near the top of the nib.
  4. Take the ink-soaked foam, wipe away any excess ink and place inside the pen. Insert fully and push gently until it connects to the nib inside.
  5. test the connection by tipping the marker – if the foam barrel stays put, it is inserted correctly. If the foam barrel moves, place inside again and make sure it is connected to the nib
  6. Place and push the black  stopper in the bottom of the marker
  7. Cap the pen.
  8. Leave upside down to let the ink flow to the nib. It may take a few minutes depending on the ink.

Let’s Draw!


What you might like to know

  • For everyday use, i store my markers tip down in a pen cup.
  • long-term storage: Store your pens horizontally – the stackable Cute Cube has been designed for this purpose!

Weight .03 kg
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 2 cm

1 set of three, 5 sets (15 pens!)

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