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All 12 Skinny Dip Inks! | Skin Toned liquid Watercolour

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Watercolour inks
Beautiful colours for all faces
Use as a spray, mist, paint, watercolour, ink
Fountain Pen friendly
Create blended watercolour effects

Skinny Dip is a unique collection of flesh-toned watercolor inks that bring a burst of life to portraits and beyond. These versatile hues, from gentle peaches to deep browns, let artists craft the perfect palette for capturing the rich tapestry of human skin. With their blendability and nuanced tones, these inks go beyond mere pigments, allowing artists to dance between light and shadow, creating portraits that resonate with a lifelike vibrancy.

But it’s not just about faces; Skinny Dip inks infuse an enchanting harmony into landscapes and abstract creations alike. From the warmth of sunlight on a cheek to the cool shadows beneath a jawline, these inks are the secret sauce for creatives aiming to elevate their work. Skinny Dip inks are more than beautiful liquid watercolour; they’re the brushstrokes of inclusivity, allowing creators to paint stories that celebrate the beautiful diversity of the world around us.

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What Jane says

Skinny Dip makes it easy to add skin tones, contrast and volume elevating the people in your art!

With Skinny Dip Ink, you hold the power to depict humanity in its true colours, celebrating diversity in every stroke!

The essence of Skinny Dip Ink lies not just in its spectrum of skin tones but in the fluidity and harmony of its watercolor inks. They invite artists to honour the individuality of their subjects, crafting works that resonate with realism and depth.


What you might like to know

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm
INK Colour:

RoCocoa, Celebrity Skin, TanFastic, Sun Blessed, Silk Stockings, ShortBread, Soft Focus, Violet Femme, Ruby Tuesday, ShadyLady, Deja Blue, Madame Lash, All 12 Skinny Dips

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