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Honeycomb Ink Wells | create your interlocking ink palette!

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Create your own palettes!
Use with inks
Easy to assemble
Store and mic multiple colours

With these small interconnectable pots you can create your own ink palettes, so you have all your inky colours available in seconds!

The honeycomb shape allows for connection in all directions, and the extra surface area helps holds liquids with less splashing from a round or square pot.

Each set comes with a set of 12 Honeycomb ink wells.

You can layer the sets to create a lid!


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What Jane says

I love having all of my ink colours ready to paint with at my fingertips! I save alot of precious desk space and set-up time by having all my inks organised in the Honeycomb ink wells.

I am more adventurous than ever with colour when all my colour options are at the ready!

For example, I have all of my INKredible inks, both scented and unscented versions in one palette.

I use the different Honeycomb colours to visually identify the different ink sets from each other:

What you might like to know


Have fun creating your own shape of palette to fit your your workspace, palm and life!
Each Honeycomb ink pot has 6 connection points, as well as being stackable!


Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 5 cm
selects set:

White set of 12, Blue Set of 12, Pink set of 12, Red set of 12

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