INKredible® Singles | Unscented | Watercolour inks

From AUD $9.95

INKredible® Inks are a watercolour-like ink that sets when dry to a semi-permanent state.
Hello! Layerable watercolour!

12 Vivid colours that will bring a smile to your face every time you use them.

The most fabulous thing about INKredible inks is how VERSATILE they are!

  • can use in the INKredible fountain pens and FUNtain pens.
  • Make your own Mermaid Markers by adding the ink to the INKbrush and Aquabrushes!
  • Make a spray with our Mister Bottles.

Use them with a one of our exsquisite glass Dip pens for expressive fine lines.


Make felt tip markers with the ‘Make Your Markers’!


INKredible® Inks are a wonderful first art ink because they are a straight-forward formula ( ie: they do what you expect!) and so versatile.
They will take you far!


You can use them at full strength, or dilute with water.
Why not try mixing your own colours?



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