JDMM NEW Ink Cartridges – Neutrals


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These colorful cartridges will be a perfect addition to use in your INKcredible Pens!

Jane’s color selection is designed to bring maximum lift to your journal pages.

As a special gift – a silver red string pouch is included with each pack


  • Keep your pen clean with a soft cloth.
  • Store flat or with the nib up.
  • Always recap the pen properly when not in use.

Please note:
only load fountain-pen friendly, dye-based inks into the convertor cartridge.
Read labels and if they say suitable for use in a fountain pen, you will be fine.
(Mermaid Marker ink is a dye based ink!)

Do not use:

  • Acrylic-based inks.
  • Carbon inks.
  • mineral based inks.
  • India inks.
  • opaque white inks.

They will most likely clog the pen.




In the USA and Canada you will find this at your local Michaels store!
Or you can visit Micheals.com by clicking the logo below:

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 1 cm


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