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Draw Happy Starter Kit | drawing essentials

From: USD $126.52

Draw Happy Pencils | HB drawing pencils with a whimsical touch!

Sharpen to reveal the rainbow within!
The pencil itself is a lovely, smooth, HB sketching pencil.

This is a JDHQ Exclusive set of two pencils:.
1 x white
1 x  black.

USD $7.81

In stock

Bookish Eraser Set | shaped like mini versions of Jane's books!

A set of 4 equally adorable and practical erasers!
Each one is a mini celebration of Jane's best-selling books.

These are a Limited Edition, JDHQ exclusive.

USD $6.61

In stock

Finishing Line | 10 Expressive pens | black, waterproof, archival

Easily add fine detail to your drawings with the Finishing Line Expressive Pens.
The penvelope includes 10 waterproof pens with different style nibs!

This is each of the pens as sampled by world renowned calligrapher Paul Antonio!

  • 2 Micro fine nibs for creating tiny and delicate details.
  • 3 Chisel nibs for lettering and angled drawing lines
  • 1 nylon 'Super Brush' for sweeping lines
  • 4 Flexible brush nibs for drawing, dramatic application.
  • Ink is black, Archival ink and Waterproof !


You can be inspired and taught incredible calligraphy by the charismatic Paul Antonio :

USD $23.50 each

In stock

Storytime Paint Pens | Snow Queen black & white

Add crisp black and white accents to your paintings, paper crafts or mixed media projects with the Jane Davenport Snow Queen StoryTime Paint Pens from the Artomology Collection by Spellbinders. The package includes 4 paint pens - 2 board nib and 2 fine nib.

The ink is deliciously opaque!

USD $15.06 each

In stock

Flower Girl Stencils | set of faces & blooms

My artwork in stencil form creates the perfect foundation for learning how to draw faces, as well as using them for wonderful layering in your mixed media project.
Each set includes 3 different designs of a sturdy stencil material that will wash easily for use again and again.
They’re also designed to fit into the Collection Binder!
Each stencil measures 7 x 8”, 17.78 x 20.32 cm

USD $15.05

In stock

SkinCare Magic Wands | creamy pencils for dreamy faces

I call my colour pencils Magic Wands because we wave them at paper and lovely things happen!

These wax and oil based pencils have a rich pigment load for fulsome colour laydown and strong cores that can hold up under pressure.

The colours are perfect for portraits and creating faces in any skin tone.

USD $28.33

In stock

Small Watercolour Art Journal | 9x6 | paint your own canvas cover!

Flaunt your creativity on the hot press watercolor pages of this canvas journal by Jane Davenport.



  • 6" x 9"
  • Hard bound
  • Lay- flat cover.
  • stitched binding.
  • Canvas Cover.
  • decorated endpapers.
  • 120 lb  / 200 gsm paper.
  • Hot Press watercolor paper - smooth on one side, and slight texture on the other.
  • Acid Free paper
  • 84 Pages including endpapers
  • two Sizes: 9x 6 inches and  9x 12 inches


USD $30.14

In stock


You can easily make-do with a pencil and notebook to start Art Journaling. However! If you would like to treat yourself to a wonderful start with your drawing and journaling, this list is populated with some of my most recommended essentials. They are wonderful supplies that will get you arting in style

This is the perfect kit for starting my online workshops and you save!

Join the  ‘Draw Happy’ Workshop click here

In this video I go through this kit and show some of my Draw Happy journals!

Watch the video!

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Dimensions 32 × 26 × 16 cm

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