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‘Day at the Beach’ Paint-Over-Pens | 24 no-shake acrylic ink colours

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24 amazing colours!
Waterproof ink!
Opaque, layerable colour
No shake paint pens!
Bullet nibs for drawing & colouring

The PaintOver Pens are a no-shake marker that has a layerble, opaque acrylic ink.

24 vivid and useful colours with names inspired by a day at the beach!

Watch the video!

What Jane says

By way of comparison, this is all of the Paint Pens I have in my collections. We have the hard tip of the Pin Point paint Pens, the bullet tip of the PaintOver Pen, the fine Musical Marker, and the Broad musical Marker!

PaintOver Pens are not quite as opaque as the Musical Markers but they are quicker to get using as you don’t need to shake them to mix the paint inside. They have a pre-mixed acrylic ink formula inside.

Another difference to my other paint pens is the colours! The colours  are unique to the Day at the Beach set!


  • To use, simply uncap and draw. No need for shaking.
  • For long term storage, keep them horizontally.
  • For regular, everyday use you can store in a pen cup, tip up or down depending on your preference. Keeping them tip down may make the pens a little ‘juicier’ in use which may be your preference, but you will move through the pen more quickly.
  • Make sure to recap properly or the nib will dry out.
  • If you do encounter a partially dried nib, the nib is most likely blocked with dry ink from a cap not being placed properly. You will likely be able to salvage the pen with these tips: fill a small glass with .5cm of water and place the pen nib to soak for 5 to 10 minutes to remoisturize the marker.  Wipe the nib clean, recap the pen and place the capped pen in a cup, tip down for 24 hours or so to let the ink flow back into the tip and test.
  • If the pen nib is dried to the point of desiccation, it will be harder to salvage, but you could try soaking the nib in rubbing alcohol and rub to remove the dried acrylic ink. Wash the nib clean of alcohol and return the nib to the pen. if the ink inside is still supple, it will refill the nib and you can continue on – but it’s best to avoid dry nibs by recapping.

What you might like to know

PaintOver pens work beautifully with watercolour, LayerCake, Acrylics, pastels and all other media. Use them to add bright details, to draw and create.

They are also skin safe, non-toxic and easy to hold making them a fun addition for younger artists, or artists with hand mobility issues.

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 3 cm

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