On Tour Brush Ballet | Travel brush set

AUD $72.95

Imagine a brush that is so delightful to hold that it actually encourages you to be more creative
it’s the greatest quality an art supply can give us!

Each of the brushes in the On Tour Brush Ballet is so satisfying to handle, you will never save them just for travel, you will be drawn to use them over and over as they deliver unending beautiful brushtrokes.

The features of the On Tour Brush ballet:

  • The handle unscrews to build a full size brush
  • The metal handle is hollow to keep the brush pristine and protected when not in use.
  • Leatherette pouch to keep your tools compact and organised
  • Japanese synthetic nylon bristles hold water beautifully to allow for lavish brush strokes
  • cruelty free bristles and pouch
  • The metal handle is not heavy but has a finely balanced weight that is very pleasing to hold.

Most importantly, the 7 Round brushes graduate evenly from a tiny size 0 through to a generous size 12. They give you wonderful choices to suit any purpose.

The lovely thing about the On Tour Brushes is the pointed tips married with the full belly of the brush that can hold plenty of pigment.  They can be used to create a modulated, linear mark by applying more or less pressure during the stroke; the pointed round is ideal for fine detail. Used on their sides in a scribbling motion, they’ll make an irregular, broken patch of color. They are a wonderful general use brush!

Rounds: 0,2,4,6,8,10,12

The cruelty-free leatherette pouch securely holds the brushes with internal elasticised loops:

The On-Tour brush Ballet set is exceptionally high quality and suits artists of all levels of experience.


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