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Studio Beauty Bundle | keep clean in style!

USD $45.50

Art Clutch | store your baby wipes for a cuter cleanup!

This delightful Art Clutch houses your baby wipes in style!

Open the ziplock seam, place baby wipes inside, and close. Easy!


Look for the matching Artpron here: click

USD $6.59

In stock

Art Apron | Colourful Magic Edition

Incredible crisp colour and print quality on a lightweight  and beautifully soft cotton!

Extra long ties at the waist and adjustable ties at the neck.


Art Clutch baby wipe cover is here: click

USD $26.39

In stock

Art Cloth! Portofino Edition

A 100% cotton cloth to use for you art, in the kitchen or to make into whatever you want!

46 x 70 cm

18 x 28 inches


USD $12.52

In stock

Art Stamp | Creativity in Progress!

Clear stamp sets that you can use for creating swatches, labels, faces and fun!

Creativity in Progress:
Stylish swatching!

  • These four stamp sets are exclusive to this website
  • Each one is detailed and beautifully made
  • They include fun hashtags!


In stock

In stock

Comfortable, adjustable apron
Cotton cloth for art spills
Baby Wipe pouch with ziplock
Make your artspace beautiful
Bonus free gift!

This bundle brings together three art space essentials.

Our beautiful adjustable and embroidered art apron, matching art cloth and the Art Wipe clutch!


What Jane says

If you accidentally leave your Art Clutch open, and your baby wipes dry out ( it happens!) add a little distilled water back on to the top wipe, close the clutch, and let the water work it’s way through to re-moisturize your wipes.

I always use unscented, alcohol free 100% water wipes.

This delightful Art Clutch houses your baby wipes in style!

Open the ziplock seam, place baby wipes inside, and close. Easy!

What you might like to know

The Artpron and Art cloth are printed on 100% cotton. They stay cool, can be washed and get softer with each use.

Each one helps keep you and your beloved art space clean and beautiful.

I created the art featured while sipping an Apperol Spritz in the magical little Italian town of portofino. Such sunny memories…

This bundle includes the stamp featuring this artwork too!

A delightful Gift!


Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm

Art Stamp | Creativity in Progress!


Swatch Out! Labels, Swatch This Space!, Straight Faced, Creativity in Progress, Whole collection x 4!

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