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Gelato in Rome | Marzipan Twists gel crayons | soft skin tones

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Soft, blendable crayons
Highly pigmented, vivid colours
Non-toxic, skin friendly!
Or use as a normal crayon!

These silky-smooth, water-soluble gel-crayons glide on to multiple surfaces like a luxury lipstick!

The Gelato In Rome Set portrait set includes 12 Jane-inspired colors in a fabulous clear case.


Watch the video!

What Jane says

When I was way too little to know any better I drew up and down the entire length of the hallway with my mothers brand new lipstick. I just remember the feeling of the creamy YSL Opium red colour gliding on the wallpaper as I ran along. I don’t know why I did it, and it really was wicked but the delicious feeling of it has never left me! I have loved creamy crayons ever since!

My first lipstick-soft crayons were the ColourSticks, and after the maker’s factory was sadly destroyed (no-one was injured) I had to find these fabulous replacements!

We send the sets with bonus stickers that you can use to label the crayons!

What you might like to know

The cases are great for travel and keeping your MT’s organised, but if you prefer to have them ‘at-the-ready’, all 24 of the Marzipan twists fit comfortably into a Cute Cube!


Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 2 cm
Colour Set:

JellyBean Queen Set, Gelato in Rome, Both Marzipan Twist sets!

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