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Maskerade Markers | watercolour masking fluid for fine lines & lettering

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Use with water-based media
Draw fabulous details
resist water until removed
Create wonderful effects!


This set of two Maskerade Markers will add a new layer of creative play and effect to your art!

  • The Maskerade fluid is tinted so you can easily see where you have placed it.
  • Quick drying formula.
  • Maskerade fluid removes easily  once completely dry with gentle pressure

  • Best removed with a clean eraser or the ‘Pik Up ‘ masking remover :  click here
  • Keep the cap on when not in use.
  • Shake well before use.
  • If fluid dries on the nib, remove and wash in warm soapy water.

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What Jane says

The Set has two markers – one pink and one blue. You can select the colour you use based on mood, or the colour of art you are making. For example if you are creating a seascape of blues and greens (for mermaids!)  you may prefer the masking fluid to be in the pink to contrast as you paint so you can see the masked area more easily. Contrariwise, you may prefer for it all to appear more seamless as you create, which gives more of a ‘wow’ as you remove the Maskerade Marker fluid.. Either way you can create beautiful effects!

Masking Liquid Pump Marker Masking Liquid Pump Marker


What you might like to know

Extra Tips:

  • Masking Fluid needs  a vigorous shake to really get the ingredients mixed before use. The ink in each pen should look pastel coloured as it exits and flow smoothly as you draw out the areas you want to mask.
    If the pen or bottle of masking fluid is not capped fully after first use, the masking fluid on the exit point can set and start to dry.
  • If the nob is gummy, You can pull the nib out and soak in water. ( recap the marker while the nib is soaking). Clean the nib of any dried fluid and replace in the pen. Recap and shake the pen to mix the masking fluid and apply.
  • If you shake the marker very well before use, and always fully recap​​ – you will have lots of great use from them!
Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 10 cm

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