Your Favourite Colour (and giveaway!)

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I’m curious to know what your favourite colour is and why and I have a giveaway to encourage you to share!

Mine is pretty easy to guess! I like to call ‘my’ particular shade of aquamarine/ turquoise ‘Bali Blue’.
It reminds me of tropical ocean on white sand… I find it refreshing, relaxing and uplifting.

This is my Daybed strewn with all shades of blue, but an emphasis  on the aqua.

favourite colours- jane davenport 384  This is me strewn on the daybed!favourite colours- jane davenport 375 favourite colours- jane davenport 377But its everywhere in my studio, from the washi forest (which continues to grow): favourite colours- jane davenport 378to my magical throne and bookcase made from old window shutters favourite colours- jane davenport 379 It’s even in the water!favourite colours- jane davenport 385 And on me. I fell in love with this  necklace at the Bangalow Markets. I love being able to chat with the person who made the things I cherish.favourite colours- jane davenport 386 In my hands:favourite colours- jane davenport 389favourite colours- jane davenport 387 Under my feet:favourite colours- jane davenport 388


I use it in my artwork of course, and in my websites.  It’s a major feature on my book cover.  So back to the Give-away!

Leave me a message on what your fave colour is and why.

That will put you in the running for a signed copy of my book and a seat in the  Mutual Admiration Society  with Donna Downey and I.  We are big believers in utilising your favourite colours while you are creating your art!

mas-banner-2.jpgYou see us in action and hear us discussing why in our  collaboration in the Mutual Admiration Society ( the logo for which I designed with my fave colour – naturally!)


If you are already a member of the MAS or have my book, leave a comment anyway and if your name is drawn, I’ll come up with a little lovely arty something for you! In my favourite colour… lol!

favourite colours- jane davenport 390


Jane/ Danger

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  • Lorelei Campbell

    Love your favorite color. I’ve been collecting cobalt blue glass items for more than 40 years. But my favorite blue items are my antique blue Ball canning jars. Thank you for sharing your love of blue. 🙂

  • Wendy Juhl

    I call my favorite color turquoisey blue teal. It’s like turquoise and teal mixed together with blue added. The reason it’s my favorite color is that I feel like it’s the color of pure expression and creativity. It makes me smile whenever I see it. It must be the color of joy too, because it uplifts the spirit. Liquitex’s cobalt teal is the closest paint color to it, but it’s not spot on. I love using hot pink and dioxazine purple (or periwinkle) with it. It’s such a happy color.

  • Laura

    Sea glass blue. I’ve even got it in my recycled glass counter tops! But the closest I get in paint is cerulean blue.

  • rachelle ward

    I adore the pic of yourself above, designed just like you art work.x
    I had to think hard as I seem to change yearly with what color tickles my fancy but honestly is it ok to say what may seem like a boring choice? Creamy beigey would prob be it. But I love florals patterns combing brights and softers. Haha x

  • Jan davenport

    Lime Green is my number one….I got married in it, I drive in it, I phone and type in iT!, Just love lime, reminds of margaritas, and margaritas remind me of sunshine, beach, music, happy, Jimmy Buffett, fun times, fine friends, seafood, margaritas, and more margaritas…and did I say Jimmy Buffett!! LOl!!

  • Pam beauchesne

    My favorite color is lime green! I have loved it ever I was alittle girl! Why? It just makes me happy!!!!!

  • Dawn Herring

    My favorite colors are orange and turquoise (leaning more toward the greener hue rather than bluer hue). I also like the colors gold and orange red. I love these vibrant colors due to their high vibrational energy and I paint with them a lot. They speak to my core creative center, activating my creative flow. 🙂

  • Michele Gilmer

    Always been purple but now bringing in turquoise , loving them together I even wear them together. I love the depth of the turquoise and the mystical/magical feeling the purple has.

  • Tanya Poling

    Blues, teal, aquamarine, turquoise that spectrum! They are just pretty! They feel clean and fresh to me! Thanks for having a giveaway!

  • Tina Dudelson

    Yellow. It reminds me of the sun and the warmth and life it generates. Even on the coldest of winter days, the sun shining through a window feels so warm and comforting. I tend to always gravitate to yellow, orange and pink in my art; love that combo!

  • Bette Roehsner

    Jane–I love how you have decorated your home using your favorite color! It looks very vibrant but, also relaxing. My favorite color is yellow because it reminds me of the sunshine. I have always preferred sunshine to clouds and rain. When the sun is shining, I have more energy. When I was in high school, I asked my dad to paint my bedroom yellow–I loved it! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win your fabulous book! Bette

  • Shelley Yoshiwara

    Turquoise!!! Always has been and always will be my favorite color ever since I can remember! Started wearing turquoise jewelry when I was 17. In part the Hopi Indians believe that if you wear turquoise all your life you won’t die of a violent death well I’m 63 and still believing and wearing my turquoise and silver jewels!! And it has flowed into every aspect of my life!!

  • Carolyn

    Greens. Of all hues. From Cobalt to Cadmium to Pthalo to Permanent Light all mixed together with Titanium whites, Cadmium Yellows, Cobalt & Pthalo Blues into gorgeous shades & tints of Forest Greens, Sap greens, Olive greens, Aquas, Turquoises & Teals. Then inserted into plastic tubes – waiting for me to buy them, pick them up & out squeeze out emotions & moments of my life in colour & happiness.

  • Red Scott

    My favorite is sunny orange. I particularly like it coupled with yellow and red. My second (and CLOSE first) is lavender. 🙂

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