Your Favourite Colour (and giveaway!)

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I’m curious to know what your favourite colour is and why and I have a giveaway to encourage you to share!

Mine is pretty easy to guess! I like to call ‘my’ particular shade of aquamarine/ turquoise ‘Bali Blue’.
It reminds me of tropical ocean on white sand… I find it refreshing, relaxing and uplifting.

This is my Daybed strewn with all shades of blue, but an emphasis  on the aqua.

favourite colours- jane davenport 384  This is me strewn on the daybed!favourite colours- jane davenport 375 favourite colours- jane davenport 377But its everywhere in my studio, from the washi forest (which continues to grow): favourite colours- jane davenport 378to my magical throne and bookcase made from old window shutters favourite colours- jane davenport 379 It’s even in the water!favourite colours- jane davenport 385 And on me. I fell in love with this  necklace at the Bangalow Markets. I love being able to chat with the person who made the things I cherish.favourite colours- jane davenport 386 In my hands:favourite colours- jane davenport 389favourite colours- jane davenport 387 Under my feet:favourite colours- jane davenport 388


I use it in my artwork of course, and in my websites.  It’s a major feature on my book cover.  So back to the Give-away!

Leave me a message on what your fave colour is and why.

That will put you in the running for a signed copy of my book and a seat in the  Mutual Admiration Society  with Donna Downey and I.  We are big believers in utilising your favourite colours while you are creating your art!

mas-banner-2.jpgYou see us in action and hear us discussing why in our  collaboration in the Mutual Admiration Society ( the logo for which I designed with my fave colour – naturally!)


If you are already a member of the MAS or have my book, leave a comment anyway and if your name is drawn, I’ll come up with a little lovely arty something for you! In my favourite colour… lol!

favourite colours- jane davenport 390


Jane/ Danger

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  • logan wilhelm

    I’m a nature girl, so love all shades of green delight! The colors that you use a lot in your art are awakening a passion to try new colors and combinations of color.

  • Deborah

    My favorite color is light crystal blue.its the color of my eyes and my dads I now have a granddaughter with same color .the blue of the ocean and color of eyes are some of my favorite tones of blues.Thanks for a chance to win !

  • Erika

    I love to wear RED. ..and black…and white…

    But when I pull out the paints I keep grabbing shades of blue and green.

    I can’t explain it, it just is.

  • Kitty Palmer

    Teal blue is warm on a cold winter’s day and cool in the summer. My condo is painted in it.

  • Michelle Hughes

    I can’t possibly pick just one. Teal, Turquoise and Lime greens – I find these very soothing calm colours. But then I love fiery pinks and reds – I tend to reach for these colours when I am a little cranky 🙂

  • Peggy Wilkinson

    Turquoise to aqua and any shades in between are my favorites! Reminds me of the cool, clear waters you find mermaids in!

  • Diane Noble

    I love the colors of a desert dawn as the hues change from indigo to violet tinged with soft pink, then to lavender and brilliant light-drenched golds against an ever-changing azure sky.

  • Courtney Miley

    My fav for along time was red but over the last year I have really started to love teal, and all shades blue. So peaceful… And with four kids I try to get peace where ever I can get it … Lol

  • Laura Quick

    Green! I love the whole color wheel. But when having to pick just one color – it has to be Green – all variations. I remember moving to Florida (from a Minnesota winter) when I was five. ( At the time I was obsessed with drawing horses). When we stepped off the plane, the first thing my five year-old self noticed was that was just soooo very green! Electric Green, sea green, jade green, blue green, dark green, grass green – the green of a mermaids tail! More greens than were in my biggest Crayola box! Florida will always hold a very special place in my heart. I don’t live there now, but it is where I discovered the magic of everything green and I have the most wonderful childhood memories from there. Yes…definitely…green.

  • Maria Salem

    What beautiful art!! My soul just opened up!! My favorite color is teal and bright gerbera pink! They just make me smile!

  • serena

    I dont know if I could pick just one color… but I can pick a color combo! I love mustard and navy!!! they just look so gorgeous together!
    xoxo Serena

  • Rae Lynn Reffruschinni

    I love green! It is the color of plants, water and my eyes! Although I love all greens, olive is my favorite green, I bought a copy of your book and promptly drew a grid of 20 little faces. It was so much fun! Plus, it was interesting to see what “fell out of my pencil”. Amazingly, they all looked different.

  • Sindhu Smith

    Wish i could narrow it down to one colour but I never have just one favourite colour at any one time. It’s dictated by my mood and my environment. I see colour in relationship to another colour so that when two or more colours come together they either produce in me, a feeling of happiness, and harmony or, tension and fatigue. Today, my favourite is turquoise and coral, because the combo feels happy, harmonious and fluid – i have the warmth of the sun on my back inspite of the cold day, and i’m reminded of the fluidity of a gorgeous summer’s day and memories of my many visits to tropical paradises in my younger days. Yesterday it was purple green and yellow.

  • Luisa

    Not to be a copycat but my favorite color is indigo.. it’s mysterious, it’s the color fo the deep ocean, it conforts me and scares me. I use it a lot in my artwork and I also dress a lot in indigo.. t-shirts, coats, jeans.. plus it goes great with pops of color like hot pink and mustard yellow!

  • DebbieM

    My favorite color is that yummy yellow-green shade known as Chartreuse. (I can see it in the eyes of the face pillow on your daybed. ) It makes me happy to look at it and I love the way it makes other colors pop. I have it scattered throughout my house in small doses, but one day it will be on the walls of my art room. Love it!

  • Nancy Wirt

    My favorite color is green. The color of tree leaves and growing things. When I was small, my Mother decorated my room in green and white and I hated it, but I just had to grow up and realize how WONDERFUL green is!
    Bright spring green, fresh, moist green, dark evergreen…it’s all so wonderful!
    As I reside in the dreary brown desert now (seriously, it’s like a cartoon of a desert…I keep expecting Acme anvils to drop from the sky…), I appreciate green things even more than before!
    My Living room and a bathroom are both decorated in greens…but I have made a promise that I will not dye my hair green.

  • Jane

    My favorite color is yellow…the color of the sun..and pink a close second. Both colors just make me happy!

  • paulette

    I love blue–but not just any blue—transluscent–sorta light demin with teal yet not green and with a touch of grey. In my humble-limited budget home–I always seek out products that have this then recycle them as part of my decor-baskets, bottles, pieces of cardboard===and then theres my “found” decor–blue lovely finds that I can store things smaller then my head in. And also my organizing blue baskets, the blue gray wash I put on my dressers, i can go on. But since I live just 24 hours a day–the blue color that is my favorite is the one that flows onto the paper, works incredible with my mind and hand, and fills me with joy. —that’s my absolute fave blue.

  • Allyson Morgan

    I love all colors, but my favorite is any shade of BLUE, from happy light blues like the morning sky or crystal clear waters to the enigmatic slate blues when looking at mountains or storm clouds or a twilight sky that reflects a shuttering of light in the distance.

    Blues capture my mood and engulf my spirit. I always have the BLUES – but it’s a WONDERFUL THING! 🙂

  • sue prescott

    I really like aqua blue because it stands out in a crowd.

  • suzanne chalk

    I love pink, hot, pastel, rose, you name it. I love any shade of pink. It reminds me of being a little girl.

  • Bea Savellano

    i like red, not the orange kind but the red with some blue in it…bea

  • Amanda

    I remember having a RED 21 st birthday party ….. Years have now passed by, about to celebrate 50th and I suddenly realize this fave shade RED still pops up in every room, be it cushions, a pot or dish or as that last little touch to a painting …. RED. …. For me It’s life’s little cherry on top !!!

  • Pam Thorburn

    I’m not sure I have a favourite colour as such-I adore all colours, but the colour I long for is that gorgeous clear clean blue of the big Australian skies-something I rarely see now that I’m living in Scotland where the sky is mostly a big white nothing… So sky blue for me!!

  • Ruth

    Hi! My favourite colour is Jacaranda. That not quite purple, not quite blue colour.

  • Carly Stockley

    My favorite is green. Particularly the strong Kelly green which is bright and rich. It is lush and healthy, the Colour of emeralds, Elizabeth Taylor’s firey eyes, the thick humidity of the rainforest. It can be elegant, opulent and exotic set against gold, welcomes festivities of Christmas with red, and is stoic, contemplative, and all together elemental when matched with its natural pair brown. My test for a truly great Colour is could you see yourself wrapped in silk or velvet in that shade – so far as a theory it totally works.

  • Jodi K.

    My favorite colors are all the shades of turquoise ! In fact when I see your pencil selection it looks like my paint selection! Turquoise makes me feel calm and hopeful. It reminds me of the clear green water I am going to see someday on a tropical island.
    By the looks of your lovely studio you and I would get along just fine! Thank you for the chance to win and for sharing your beautiful photos!

  • Zeneva

    I have always loved aqua/turquoise. Currently adding mint (all shades) to the mix as well!
    Love your daybed and surrounds. What a heavenly spot! Inspirational!

  • Doreen

    orange! It just seems like a happy color 🙂

  • Nancy Quarnberg

    I love all shades of purple. I like purple because it can be warm or cool. It is also the color of Parma violet. The best shade of prismacolor pencils. Love the pictures of your studio with your favorite color. Thank you Jane.

  • Paige

    Lovely pictures of your home and studio!!! My favorite color is a watermelon with a hint orf coral. The checks in your face on the heading of this blog has it in it and a bit of my favorite color in her scarf too!! I can’t be simple when there are so many wonderful colors to choose from !!! I love this offer in your giveawy!! What terrific prizes!!

  • Gloria Lynn Walker

    I love pale pink because it is the color of my cat’s nose. You can’t go wrong with pink and it comes in so many tints and shades…Renaldo, Pockets, Riley, Trillian, Tommy, Dudley, etc…(my cats names). It can be cute, elegant, regal, and goes with everything.

  • Danielle Vincelli

    M’y favorite color is turquoise. The stade in my home is called Quiétude which describes the mood i want to always live in. It is the color of my eyes and my soul.

  • Candy

    I love green! It’s so fresh. It’s so alive. I can almost imagine a smell that goes with it sometimes.

  • Kirsteen

    Yellow! Sunshine yellow in general but a warm pale yellow for painting walls… It’s just a happy colour.

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