I created Frolicaholic to help people on their creative journey. It delves into the way I journal, which is very illustrative and positive. I believe that art journals can help us feel happier and bring more joy into our lives.


I also believe that drawing is a great tool for untangling and expressing every emotion from the heaviest burden to floating-way-above-cloud-nine. But we have to get that infernal inner-critic to pipe down, to allow your natural drawing talent the confidence to roam freely.

Say goodbye to perfectionism and abandon self-criticism about your creativity.

A Frolicaholic is a person who wants to draw the positive into their journal. It is not about burying feelings, or not expressing negative emotion. There is room in this process for a page to start out with our very human anxieties, worries and fears. What I show you in this workshop are tactics to help celebrate what makes you happy and encouraging more joy into your life. Frolicaholic-trust-the-mess--JAne-Davenport

In this workshop we start by making a shaped Frolicaholic Journal which is a stepping stone to a more artistic way of life. Most of all it’s a way of befriending the inner-critic that can so easily get in the way of our creativity. Your Frolicaholic Journal is a stepping stone to a more artistic way of life,  a way of befriending the inner-critic that can so easily get in the way of our creativity.
Frolicaholic takes you and your inner-critic on a journey together. Just as traveling with friends, you see sides of each other that you never knew. You deepen your relationship. They may be a squabble or two, but you can become family.
Your Frolicaholic Journal will be filled with your thoughts and drawings.


I believe Drawing belongs to everyone. Journaling with drawings helps you embrace you own creative rhythm and make a beacon of artistic light. This workshop encourages you to embrace your inner-drawer. The way to silence the inner-critic is to understand it.


This workshop will be run as an 8 week ‘Live’ class for the first time since it’s original creation! When an online workshop runs ‘Live’, it means that each Lesson is delivered week by week and we all move through it as a creative community with extra incentive, energy and fun!



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Frolicaholic was originally know as ‘Draw Happy 2. ‘Draw Happy’ is a mindset. It’s the way I describe myself when I abandon all cares and self-criticisms and fully enter into the bliss of creativity. It builds on from my DRAW HAPPY techniques. …

But how do I show you a mindset? Well…through an Art Journal of course (I am an Art Journal Evangelist – see more info on Art Journaling here.).

As I was preparing this workshop I was moved to make a journal from some scrap watercolour-paper as a space to ‘nut out’ my ideas. What happened next was unexpected…I created the Frolicaholic Journal.

Over 60 hours of movie footage was captured and edited. So you can explore the Frolicaholic mindset, consider ideas for making your own Frolocaholic Journal and ponder the game-changing power of positivity.

Let’s escape the crazy world and refocus energy on the beautiful things in life that are available to us right now. It’s time to reward yourself with creative confidence!

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 4.27.05 pm

Excerpt from the Workshop

Part 1: The Power of Positivity

Art Journals can be massive magnets that pull more of what we focus on into our lives…they can manifest marvelous magnitude! I made a conscious decision to keep my journals positive when I realised just how much of what I wrote about came to pass.

A journal is a perfect space to release dreams, wishes and desires. This process helps me decipher my direction in life. I want abundance, freedom, happiness, magic, appreciation, love and art supplies in my life, so these things work their way in my pages with regularity.

However, that doesn’t mean everything in a journal has to be sunshine and unicorns.

If I have a ‘verbal vomit’ into my journal to cleanse my soul of cantankerous poison when something or someone has annoyed me, let me down, or I’m just having a blue day, I let the gumpf and whinging flow out of my system. I let it sit a day or two, and then usually cover over it with the best eraser in the world: gesso.

The spilling is what sets me free. The reading back of verbal vomit? Not so tasty! I like to let it sit until I feel like working over the top of it. The ‘verbal vomit’ has done it’s job and when I feel cleansed and ready to move on, I can. Out with the bad, in with the good….aaaaah…bliss….

Please note: This process may assist, but may not be enough if you need professional care from a mental-health expert, but if you feel you are in a position to be able to choose happiness for yourself, this process can be invaluable.

The classes are video based. IBecoming a Frolicaholic:

Part 1: The Power Of Positivity

Part 2: Start The Art

Part 3: Trust the Mess

Part 4: Lizard Brain and Drawing Happy

Part 5: Your Happiness Symbology

Part 6: Searching for ‘Your Style’

Part 7: Joyful Practice

Finale and the Keys to the City

Drawing Lessons:

Basic faces


Drawing In Ink
Videos will be typically between 6 and 15 minutes long each. Sometimes I will split an involved lesson over a few short videos. Intense creative nuggets!

You are in safe hands!



In my latest newsletter I showcased these upcoming in-person teaching events. There are only a few spaces left for Bali already and Art is You Dixie (near Memphis) is full of awesome creatives – but there is a little room in ‘Girlimals’ and ‘Mermalicious’. I have been working on my classroom examples for each of the workshops, and just let me say… I cannot WAIT to share what I have been up to.

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I still cannot quite believe how magical the secret parts of Bali are. Even before my feet leave the pretty gardens at ‘my’ villa, I am dreaming of my return. This Escape Artist Retreat will be our third in Bali. Amazing art and friendships are sure to be made once again in our secluded paradise.

retreat bali

You are invited to join me for a week of fun, relaxation and artistic skill building on the Island of the Gods.  If a week of drawing, painting and collaging whimsical faces, and figures amongst tropical butterflies has your skin is tingling, then you need to join me in Bali for this magic artventure…

September 14 to 21st, 2014

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Art is You Dixie

This big 7 day long art event is in just two weeks! There are over 300 attendees and a smorgasbord of amazing workshops. I am teaching three classes and hosting a special event on the Friday night. I don’t have any more workshops planned in the USA for this year or next at the moment, so if you are still ‘on the fence’ about traveling to Memphis for this big ‘ol bundle of fun, follow your heart and get yourself there!

More details


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The delightful Cherie Haas is the new Online Editor at Cloth Paper Scissors and Artists Network.  She wrote a fun piece on how I got my nickname, Danger:

click here

For all the lovely things I have created with Cloth Paper Scissors: click here

P.s. I just saw the cover layout for the May Art Lessons issue…oh lordy… it’s beautiful! only 15 days to wait for it! In the meantime you can join my Art Lessons Facebook Group and make sure you have all the Art Lessons so far. Details are here

I am dancing a jig, bouncing from foot to foot! I just uploaded the last image of hundreds and hundreds of images for my book.  The design files, the manuscripts, the PDF’s, the cover ideas – the glorious list goes on. Five solid months worth of devoted time.

And I am a week early on my deadline ( round of applause). This is even more amazing because my computer TOTALLY pooped itself last week, and I had to complete the last stages of the book on a new machine. No tantrums, no dramas.

I leave for my big trip to the USA this weekend and instead of feeling a bit of pre-travel stress over it, it feels like a reward for all my dedicated work.

Aside from this flush of joy of wrapping up a big project ( which looks amazing, but them I am totally biased), I am feeling quite calm. How is this possible?

jill berry workshop 1Well, right from the get-go, I planned some stress relieving, eye freshening, head clearing field trips  spaced out every few weeks during my book creating process. I knew I was going to need them.

And it has worked like an absolute charm. I arrived at my finishing line with energy and clarity.

My first planned holiday was a weekend workshop with Orly Avineri, the next was a little time in Perth to visit family and to host a workshop of my own, then I went up to Brisbane for a 3 day workshop with Jesse Reno,  next I hosted a workshop at ‘The Nest’ and the final fun excursion was last weekend with Jill K Berry.

Jill is an artist, author, workshop leader and one of my Stencil Sisters with Artistcellar.com.  Her book ‘Personal Geographies’  and upcoming book ‘Map Lab’ are devoted to her love of maps, art and journaling.

The workshop was dedicated to creating maps of our lives, and as I discovered a map can be virtually anything!

In this map my landscaping fantasies are bought to life:

jill berry workshop 2

The three days passed in a flurry of colour, paint, drawing….

jill berry workshop 8and… le gasp…. sewing!

I actually took my much ignored Pfaff on the trip and we stitched up a storm! Not exactly a map, but I disapeared into my own little world and bonded with my sewing machine. We are like best buds now!jill berry workshop 7

I had a ball ‘drawing’ with a needle on the coloured papers I created in the workshop the day before. Rather addictive!jill berry workshop 6

Unfortunately I can’t show you any more of what I created just yet because I used Jill’s upcoming stencil collection on them, and that’s all hush hush until they are released ( which is soon!).

It was a small workshop group and over growing mounds of colour tissue, maps and muslin, we all chatted away. Creative people are lovely, rather naughty and very funny. I had a delightful time!

The highlight for me was Jill gifting me with  a ‘Hand Turkey’.

Jill Jane and the Handturkey

Jesse Reno mentioned these creatures several times during his workshop, but there was too much else going on for me to ask what he was referring too. When Jill referred to one, I demanded to know what exactly was this ‘Hand Turkey’!  Apparently every kiddo in the USA grows up drawing these little critters around thanksgiving… so Jill created one for me – laughing the whole time – he went straight into the journal!

This is Jill and the workshop’s organiser, Anne from Timeless Textiles, a wonderful gallery dedicated to textile arts in Newcastle. We were having a giggle during my ‘Selfie’ lesson! ( Anne made a fig, chocolate and ginger slice that will be waiting to open the Pearly Gates for me when I expire someday. )jill-jane-and-Anne--selfie

Thank you Jill for coming on a tour Down Under and Anne for organising the Newcastle workshop.

I hope we keep enticing such wonderful artist teachers to come all this way!

( jillberrydesign.com)

This is Jill’s next book: map-art-lab


I’ll try and keep you up to date as I travel in the USA. I have SUCH awesome adventures ahead, and I’ll be meeting lots of fabbo peeps in ‘real life’ in all my workshops, and I can’t wait for all the fun to unfold.


Jane/ Danger

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