BIG Giveaway! A Journal worth Celebrating!

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In this post I am going to sing praises for the best journals ever 😍 and tell you about two Giveaways!
One is on this blog and you can enter today , and the other is on Instagram, so you can share your artwork created in my journals with me!
Prizes are whopping!
Details are below!

But first…. Did someone say “Journal”?  Ok it was me.

What makes my Journals worth celebrating?
It all comes down to the paper.
The paper is LUSH! I have no qualms in admitting I am an absolute paper snob.I believe life is just too short for crappy paper. So when it cam to creating my very own journals with American Crafts, a lot of time and research went in to finding just the right paper.


Not only that, the covers lay flat which makes it easier to create in, and easier to scan!

  • Hard bound
  • Lay- flat cover.
  • stitched binding.
  • Canvas Cover so you can customise with paint and collage.
  • decorated endpapers with nameplate.
  • 120 lb  / 200 gsm paper.
  • Hot Press watercolor paper – smooth on one side, and slight texture on the other.
  • Acid Free paper
  • 84 Pages including endpapers
  • two Sizes: 9x 6 inches and  9x 12 inches

There are two sizes in the plain canvas cover, and two printed designs in the small journals.
You can see them all here: click

And there are accessories! As an avid ‘Art Journaler’ I designed some ‘must have’ sidekicks to add to the journaling experience and make life easier. The Journal Girdle is a small pencil case that attaches to your Journal ( I also have one on my iPad!). The Journal Jackets are translucent covers that protect your artwork and also give you some handy pockets inside each cover.



screen-shot-2017-08-10-at-11-43-21-am screen-shot-2017-08-10-at-11-43-33-am


I can’t WAIT to see your lovely work on Instagram and read your comments about why you love creating in a journal below!




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  • rdrlv8652

    Hello Jane, we met tonight thru an email for this contest. I am the “conf Used old lady” Due to my confusion I think it’s time to start a journal. I can do some goofy things, that I would like to start writing down. Think , when I’m gone, my family will enjoy reading it. I have NEVER “journaled” before but think having one if yoyr gorgeous journals would get me inspired.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • DeeOrbra

    It makes me happy when I see your videos or see your artwork! And who doesn’t want to be happy! You are contagious and it makes me want to create wonderful, whimsical art that is colorful, happy and beautiful. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  • sdivin1

    I would be so excited to win your products! I have been eyeing everything in your line for about a year, but I’m on a limited budget since I was forced to retire, and would love to try your gorgeous colors! Your journals look amazing but until I have used up what I already have, I can’t buy more! I bought some of your face stamps last year at Michaels and LOVE them! They are so much fun! So, I would LOVE to try everything else in your line! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!

  • terryfrank6

    I just have to write for the first time to tell you how grateful I am that you do what you do –
    the way you do it! I used to be the Queen Mother of “I can’t draw – I can’t paint”, but I’m telling you that I’ll be 75 next week and thanks to you I am drawing and painting faces that I like so much it shocks me. You have made me living proof that “it’s never too late”! My 14 year-old granddaughter, Ellie, and I have used our summer “together-time” the last two years to be with you on some of the earlier videos. We are having so much fun and have learned so much we are ready to get our Jane journals and jump into one of the series workshops to be part of the wonderful community you have created. We love your whole delicious line of supplies and your delight in creating is infectious! Thank you!

  • Kandys

    HI Jane, I never thought I could paint anything worth keeping. NEVER thought I could draw a face. My friend got me together with her one night and made me work on a fun project with her. She has been doing face for some time and knew I would enjoy it if I just tried. Well, it worked and I can’t keep off your blog. I find inspiration from you every day. I have purchased your a number of your items and really love the journal and butterfly books. Your Mermaid paint are so yummy it make a beginner look good! Thanks for always sharing your ideas and thoughts. I feel like part of a large movement to make the world beautiful and I’m having a great time!

    • Jane

      Congratulations Kandys, you are our winner! Look for an email for the next steps.
      Xoxox Jane and Tinsel

  • allysongunnell

    I love working in an art journal because it feels less “for keeps” than working on single sheet watercolor paper. I can close the book, collage over, keep painting, move on if I don’t like what I create. I am pretty new to mixed media and love the freedom from “perfection” that an art journal provides.

  • Susan Clement

    Hi Jane I love creating in a journal as it helps me let out the frustration, anger, happiness all the emotions that I feel and are locked away inside, as being on my own and having no friends, I am alone and have nobody to talk to or share things with, so I create in my journal to let out the frustration and anger and make myself feel better as there is nothing better than looking back on a page and thinking yeah I created that xxsuexx

  • MariAn

    Hi Jane. As many others have mentioned, I too, am new to the journaling community. I have been fortunate enough to purchase your butterfly book and brights watercolors and have just begun using them. Each day that I am able to spend time “arting” is such a joy and I can’t believe the happiness it brings being able to create something of my own. You are such an inspiration and I can’t get enough of watching you work. I would love to win your giveaway so that I could indulge my new obsession by using some of your other products.

  • scrapinator

    I love creating, it started just as a fun outlet while the kids were in school, but now it’s become a healing outlet since I have a chronic pain syndrome that has progressively gotten worse over the last couple of years to the point where my husband of now 29 years has become my caregiver. He an awesome husband and wouldn’t trade him in for nothing 🙂 I’ve been sick for 22 years and all my boys who are 24 and 26 have ever known is a sick Mom. Creating takes me away from it all. There was a very long time where I couldn’t get into my Studio so hubby moved my Studio up to the floor of the master bedroom to me which helped me so much even though we were moving out of the house and into a rancher we were building but he knew how important it was to me to be creating. The new house has helped me so much more now. My new space is so healing and creating comes easier now.

  • mhross56

    Love your work Jane. I would love to own one of your journals. I bought some of your products and need to make time to experiment – need a push to put colour to paper. Your colours are awesome! The videos are inspiring! Unfortunately, I have to go out of town to view them. Keep being you and share your love of art!

  • Sandra

    My brother in law told me many decades ago that everyone should journal. He’s a writer and now I wish I had listened to his advice. I never did journal. Now I spend my time reading about it, how to do it, watching video’s and checking out products. Each day I say today is the the day…I will journal. I would love to win this giveaway as being on a very limited fixed income it doesn’t leave much for buying supplies. I drool over your art, products and journals pages as well as the many talented people out there who have taken the plunge. Winning would help in so many ways. Thanks for the chance to do so.

  • shaschalk

    Hi Jane! I just love watching your videos. You are always so upbeat and happy. Even when I’m having a bad day, just watching you brightens things up for me. I love art journaling because it doesn’t seem like I have that pressure on me that I sometimes feel when working on something larger. I painting a mermaid looking out to sea for my 17 year old grandson’s birthday this month using your Mermaid Markers, and he absolutely loved it! I’d love to win some of your goodies – thanks Jane! xxoo

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