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Are you super-creative, love art supplies and feel ready to show the world your artwork?
Then I want you to read on and join the DavenParty!

I want to inspire people who enjoy all sorts of creative leanings and I need help to do that because I simply cannot create everything! We are looking for peeps who can create in a variety of media and genres such as papercrafting, fine art, mixed media, textile arts, cardmaking, sculpture, art journals, drawing, painting….   everything!

The projects you share can be very simple – from a beautiful stand-alone photo of a finished piece that was made using parts of my new range, to a short instructional video or pictorial walk-through of a technique, or a sped-up version of you working on something with my art supplies…. or more complex – you might want to create a series or a pdf – or…. or .. or  – well, that would be up to you! The sole idea is to help me  inspire people and create happiness in the world.

I want the DavenParty to help me show everyone that there are NO LIMITS to where, when and how creativity can take place.

You don’t need a huge social media following, but you do need a profile on Facebook and Instagram and a Blog. This is so you can share your work.

Thinking of inventive, fresh wonderful ways to use the supplies in my range will be your mission!

It will be fun, exciting and give your artwork and ideas wonderful exposure.

International Applications Welcome!



Email your Creative Portfolios
of 2 images of your top 3 projects and
social media handles/profiles
November 25, 2016.


You must direct all inquiries to:




Go on, be brave and apply!  I am enjoying wonderful opportunities now because I was brave and got my work ‘out there’.  As I have learned time and time again,  you just never know who is going to see your work and be touched by it. You won’t know how many hearts and lives you can touch unless you share your work.
Yes, I know it can be terrifying, but do it anyway. It does get easier!

All my life when I have asked my Dad for advice on whether I should do something or not, his answer was always
“Why not?”. I catch myself saying these simply two words many times every day. For some reason they normlize a decision and help me take pressure of myself.

If you apply for the Design Team, I can’t promise you will be selected, but I can promise you will be welcome! And he! You may or may not be successful – that doesn’t matter. There will be other opportunities in the future – and I will be proud of you!

Let me know on a comment here if you are going to apply!



I am using the samples and let me tell you about the range: adore. They get better and better as I work out new ways to use everything. I have a head, heart and journal full of ideas and inspiration for your own creativity. ‘Cos that’s why I do this stuff. I love seeing people get their creative spirit alive!

Making art makes us happy.
The world needs happiness.

The ONLY part of this journey I struggle with is having to keep things secret because I get so excited about it all! But as we get closer to the launch day on JANEuary 1st (hah!) I will have a few more sneak peeks for you. Instagram is where I share on a daily basis.

The only places you can get my range at the launch is from Michaels (USA and Canada) and from my online store


p.s. that info again:


Email your Creative Portfolios
of 2 images of your top 3 projects and
social media handles/profiles
November 25, 2016.

You must direct all inquiries to:

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  • Kate Austoria

    Hate that I’m just now seeing this:( Would have loved to not only apply but to have discovered your products even sooner! #WhatYouCreateCreatesYou

  • fordalysonford

    Congratulations to all the selected 2017 Davenpeep team members!!! I am looking forward to trying Jane’s new product line and learning from your creations. ’17 is gonna rock!!!

  • fordalysonford

    I definitely applied and am anxious to learn the outcome! I’m still so excited!

  • Kait


  • Claire Bull

    I am excited to say I applied too! Does anyone remember Natalie Wood as a child actress in the Christmas movie “Miracle on 34th Street” from 1947 with with Maureen O’Hara, John Payne, Edmund Gwenn, Gene Lockhart ?
    I wait for it and watch every year, and it makes me smile and cry and feel so positive every time. “I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE”. We only have today and our wishes for tomorrow. Give everything a shot. See what happens. I applied because I believe, but also because I want to share the love of creating and believing and the Magic and Joy that happens 😉 Thanks for the opportunity, Jane and Davenparty peeps! Love from Canada

    • Kait

      @Clair Bull That’s my favorite version of Miracle on 34th Street! Such a beautiful film.

  • Zinia Amoiridou

    This is really exciting! I can’t wait to see the amazing team you will put together. I gave it a shot and sent an application too. I really hope I didn’t miss the deadline cause I was a bit confused with the time difference (living in a completely different side of the globe ^_^)

  • Elizabeth Sabol

    I did it! I applied.

    Why not?!?!?

    I’ve been a closest artist for way too long.

    I’m coming out so you better get this party started

  • Kait

    I’ve applied! 😀 I wasn’t sure if I would, because I have only just published my website and am still getting the hang of creating tutorials and things. But since I connect so strongly to your central message, I figured “why not?”

    Thanks for the inspirational pep talk! 🙂

    P.S. I love your new website design–looks fabulous!

  • Rebecca Bowley

    I applied! I’m quite proud of myself just for applying. When can we expect to hear back? The suspense is killing me already! 😛

  • Laia Romero

    Hi from Spain! I just applied and I am very excited. Thanks for the oportunity!

  • Alexandra Garlick

    I’ve applied! Super scary but what have we all got to lose? 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  • Karen Arribas

    Ok its D-Day and I’ve been talking myself on and out of applying. I decided to feel the fear and do it anyway! I’m a bit of a new kid on the block, but i love mixed media and Id love to get my hands on your gorgeous art supplies. I love your work Jane.

  • Kim McKinstry

    Just applied. Wow–that was hard to pick the pictures, and to put myself out there : ) Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Chrystal Creswell

    The simple question, What if? is really getting to my head. My brain says. “I don’t think you can do this.” My heart keeps whispering, “Chrystal dream big.” I am scared but I am applying.

    • Chrystal Creswell

      I feel so silly Jane, in all of the excitement of applying, I misspelled my Instagram account info in the email address for the application. If it matters, my Instagram profile is (chrystalcreswell). I noticed I had forgotten to put the H in my name. …thank you for dreaming this idea up. I still can’t believe you have given alll of us a shot at this!

  • Zandra Cudney

    I did and thanks for the opportunity.

  • Shannon

    Yes! Why not!! I am applying. And hoping. This would be exciting. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Claudia de Nooijer

    Hi Jane. I am Claudia de Nooijer from the Netherlands, currently working on my own ‘artsy’ website. Just wanted to let you know that I am going to apply for the design team 🙂

  • Cheryl

    OMG! How amazing would this be? Bring on Janeuary!!!! You are such an inspiration Jane.

  • Jessica Sanders

    Wow, what an exciting opportunity!! Thank you, Jane 🙂

  • Andrea

    What an exciting project! Next year my husband and I are sailing our boat from New Zealand to Canada, so I’m going to have some interesting work spaces and inspirations- it will certainly be a case of creating anywhere! I’ll have a go at applying!

  • Melanie Jo Pitts

    I’m so excited about this! What a great way to encourage and inspire, bring hope, love to others. I’m just happy to have opportunity to apply. Thank you Jane!!

  • Kate Palmer

    Life is short, take risks, breathe deep, spread your wings and fly! I can’t wait to see all your amazing new products and what both you and the DT do with them. What can I say other than watching you achieve your dreams is truly inspiring Jane oxoxo

  • Oooh! Ladies – Let’s make it so difficult to decide they have to choose us all!

    Thank you for sharing the opportunity Jane and to anyone sitting on the fence – why not give it a try – your work is AWESOME!

  • sue kemntiz

    And why wouldn’t I send some great art in! Be still my heart!

  • Sophie

    I think I’m going to be brave (breathe Sophie breathe, don’t blow out) and apply! Oh my my! It’s good to be brave and a little bit of crazy! Thanks Jane!

  • Carmen McCullough

    I look forward to submitting the application info Jane!

  • Krishnapriya J

    Thank you Jane.. I would like to participate as well.

  • LeAndra Huisman

    I’m glad I found this opportunity. Thank you Jane.

  • Alecia Miller

    I will be applying! I have learned this year that you have to get out there and try, you never know what will happen and come your way. (Although, if you don’t try, then you know nothing will happen.)
    Thank you for opening this opportunity to all of us.

    One question – is it 2 pictures of each of our top 3 projects, or 2 pictures total that contain our top 3 projects?

  • Tanja

    I will apply right away.

  • Marie Tacon

    Oh what the heck! Count me in! Thank you Jane for giving us such a great opportunity. You have facilitated my creative journey so much this year, I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

    Nervous as hell but why not!

    Woot woot xx

  • sanna Friedner

    Oh my, I really want to apply to this. I totally am going to do that. I am super excited over your brand of supplies – I know they will be wonderful. I am a supply addict LOL and I love to try new supplies and colors !

  • Josefina

    Yes!! I’ll follow your dads advice, and why not!?
    I’ve challenged myself this year, so why stop now? I just love watching your art videos, including hearing that gorgeous Australian dialect I sometimes miss so much to hear.
    … I wish my father had had that approach to life and art, but he mostly just said how hard and difficult it was. Another of my challenges… So thanks Jane for this opportunity to challenge myself, and to prove my dad wrong. 😉
    Cheers from Sweden! <3

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