Italy, Carmel and sneak peeks!

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I have been very busy since my #janessecret announcement with a trip to the USA  and now I’m in Italy. If I’m not careful, it could all rush past too quickly, but I really do try and appreciate the moments.

On my Instagram feed you can see the fun of the Michaels Makers Summit ( where I taught Sarah Michelle Gellar how to paint- yes BUFFY! HEllo). And my trip to Italy, (where I have gone MAD for dip pens!) and am having a blast in Orvieto with my amazing Escape Artists. How I love them!

speckled in the shots are sneak peeks of my Mixed Media line with American Crafts ( available in Janeuary at all Michaels Stores in the USA and Canada- and


jane/ /Danger

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  • Jamie walker

    Love U an your beautiful soul. Following you on utube, bought you beautiful Faces book, love love it. Just dont have ability 2 do workshope online. Maybe some day I will be blessed 2 have equipment 2 download your classes. But thank U so much 4 sharing your amazing self on U tube.
    Love U dearly ♡

  • Annette Rogers

    We have a new Amazon bookstore in University City (La Jolla) Mall and Jane’s book was right there in the most amazing selling books. I felt like telling everyone in the store they should buy it asap! I only told the people nearest me. Wot!

  • Kaleena Scuteri

    I think I speak for most when I say I so enjoy following your Instagram feed!! So fun! Being in the states and seeing a taste of Italy is such a treat too!! Also, I almost lost it when you had the photo of you and SMG! LOVE BUFFY!!

    Can’t wait for the new line! Enjoy yourself through all of it! You motivate us all!!!

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