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I am so delighted to tell you this news!
Janeuary will be here before you know it!

You may have to ask for Gift Vouchers from Michaels and my store for Christmas!

We will be giving sneak peeks of the wonderful art supplies over the coming months.  So much is happening behind the scenes and a million tiny pieces are moving from product development, design, packaging and promotion. It’s very exciting and I love sharing with you!

The Story:

In January I received an email  saying “You have fans at American Crafts”. I had an out-of-body experience and thought maybe the message wasn’t real! But it was.

I flew all the way to the USA for a one day getting-to-know you meeting in February! What a whirl that was! I was mid way through my ‘Wonderland’ watercolour workshop and my Davenpeeps kindly agreed they could all use a ‘Catchup’ week while I went on my secret mission!ac-Jane Davenport-9

Well, things went wonderfully and we started work on my range right away! I had a million ideas and these were tamed and shaped by my wonderful American Crafts design family. What talents these women are! Vanessa, Lindsay, Cassi and Shalece are fun, dedicated, clever and on my wavelength. I adore them and their skills. This is us having the best pizza in Provo!ac-Jane Davenport-8

Usually a new Designer and Range would have 24 months to percolate, but the Michaels team was introduced to my ideas and …well… we have had a bit of a love affair going on! I went to Texas to visit the HQ of Michaels and presented a workshop in June. It was wonderful fun!

ac-Jane Davenport-5

The American Crafts team based in Texas created the CUTEST goodie bags and cake toppers for my event.
I had heart palpitations ( the good kind!) when I saw the effort and sense of design and fun that went in to every little element!ac-Jane Davenport-4

ac-Jane Davenport-2

ac-Jane Davenport-3  Seriously the most delicious cupcakes ever in the universe!ac-Jane Davenport-6

What is most amazing about this adventure is that I am on it at all! How brave are American Crafts for embarking on such a journey with an artist on the other side of the planet? The answer is VERY!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.48.52 PM

The range  contains not only
innovative art supplies
but journals,
Washi tape.


oh, and
I am addicted to these innocent seeming supplies
and to have my own?
Well, words fail me!

So I am going to give you a little sneak peek of  them…
ac-Jane Davenport-26

So I am giddy with joy and I hope you are happy too because this is great news for creative people everywhere! It really is important to hang on to your dreams and make wishes no matter how grand and impossible they may seem.
Work hard and enjoy your journey…
You just never know what wonderful events are around the corner!





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Showing 54 comments
  • karen i-k

    am so excited! you must be so proud!

  • Linda Lipford

    Fabulous news! Your new products will be sell outs so I hope Michael’s has anticipated the demand. Congrats!!

  • Megan

    Well congratulations to a beautiful lady! I have had the pleasure of meeting you a couple of times at the Brisbane craft show and have enrolled in a couple of your online classes (let’s say not your best student but your courses have definitely been stepping stones to getting me towards a more creative life!). You deserve every that is coming your way, anyone that meets you can tell that you are a wonderful and giving person, with a zest for life that is contagious! Congratulation once again xx

  • You are so deserving. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see in Michael’s! Your positive attitude is always uplifting and encouraging and takes you to the “beyond”. Way to go!!!!!!!

  • Kim Smart

    This is the best news ever! I’m so happy for you Jane!! I’m also happy because now I’ll be able to shop at my local Michael’s store and purchase all your fabulous art supplies!!! I cannot wait for Janeuary!! And of course the people at American Crafts and Michael’s love you…what’s not to love!! Your laughter is infectious and you have personality plus!!! Wish you all the best in this new “art-venture”!!

  • Linda Thompson

    Oh Jane,
    Congratulations clever lady. This is so exciting. Hope we Aussies can get our hands on your exciting products too. Colour, colour and more colour – Yummy JD colours.

  • Cindy

    It’s almost like a fabulous parallel universe of art supplies and ideas has opened up and come to play with us. Oh – and those cupcakes they made for the party look super dooper awesome!

  • Cindi

    Super excited for you Jane! Congrats! Makes me love Michaels even more…if that is possible. 😉

  • Maggi

    Oh my, now a trip to Michael’s is going to get even MORE expensive for me, but Yay!!! And Congrats to you !

  • Desiree

    Squeel, love you and the opportunity and joy you bring to others. Congratulations Jane. You worked hard, and you deserve this fabulous opportunity.

  • Kaleena Scuteri

    Congrats!!! I am loosing it over here!!! So excited to see what you’ve come up with!! What a wonderful inspiration you are!!!

  • Jenny

    omg! That is just so totally exciting!!!!!! A huge colourful sparkly congratulations to you 😀 I wish you every happiness and can’t wait to discover all your treasures! I’d love to have them all in my shop 😀 Can’t wait!!!! Congrats again 😀 Its a beautiful secret to share!

  • Maggie

    Congratulations!! This is fantabulous news! You work so hard and you deserve it!! I am such a penny-pincher when it comes to shipping, I don’t even KNOW what it costs to ship art supplies from Australia :{ The thought that I can run over to my Michaels store and pick up some of the awesome materials that you use/sell, is over-the-moon cool! Yaaaay!

  • Angeline Hazebroek

    Completely awesome! Well done you.

  • Tanya Soutar

    Fantastic!!!! Omg rockin it Byron girl xxx

  • Gina baj

    Congratulations Jane, that’s amazing!!! You derserve it! You are so inspiring. I’ll have to start saving

  • Sandra kingsley

    Congrats! Wonderful news.

  • Molly

    So excited for you!!!! Congratulations. Looking forward to buying lots of wonderful new art supplies.

  • Lindsay

    AWESOME!!! Congratulations!!! My new goal next year is to be a part of the DavenParty!!! I cant wait!!

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