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I asked my inner circle to help me find a name to describe a person who loves doing my online workshops.
The suggestions were AWESOME!
Jane Brigade
Dangers Rangers
The Janettes
The Artlettes
Davenport Devotees
Jane’s Rainbow Warriors

the list went on!

But this is the one that I have been using:


It’s so cute, right?

So are you a Davenpeep?
Do we need t-shirts or a badge or something?





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  • Teri McFarlan

    Oh Jane! I would wear a t-shirt a pin, a badge, anything you come up with…. with pride! I am a davenpeep!!! Count me in!!!

  • Kina

    I proudly raise my sweet Davenpeep hand for a T-Shirt ;0)

  • Monica Moore

    Yes, Yes, Yes! Love the name (Davenpeep) and I would proudly wear T-shirt with one of your beautiful faces!

  • Shelley Yoshiwara

    A t-shirt with one of your girls would be awesome!! This dave peep would wear it!!

  • Kirsteen

    I’m not much of a t-shirt girl but I’d totally wear my “I’m a Davenpeep, ask me how” badge with pride

  • Cindy

    Guilty as charged!!! Put me down as a Davenpeep for life! I<3 Jane! (and Angus for doing all the signing up chores!)

  • Joanne martinson

    I’m smitten with quite a few of them especially Dangers Rangers! I adore Davenpeeps, and I’m eternally one of your adoring peeps!

  • Jessica Watson

    Not a t shirt girl but definitely a Davenpeep! Tank top and apron would be nice!

  • Cheri Glover

    Definitely a davenpeep! Totally up for club shirts, hats, etc. Count me in the numbers!!
    Cheri xoxo

  • Ronnie Harris

    I have found being a Davenpeep especially fun! I am glad to have finally found my tribe. Bring on the T-shirts and aprons. (Although I’m not a T-shirt person.

  • Sonya Badgley

    YES!!! I am a DAVENPEEP!! And I need a t-shirt AND apron! Oh, and a badge! 🙂

  • Bianca Koch

    Bandana & apron would be awesome.

  • Courtney

    OMG!!!!! Yes tshirts!!! …totes, aprons, art supply bags ALL OF IT❤️

  • robyn whitelake


  • Nancy Q

    Davenpeeps and their leader Jane are awesome! T-shirts sound lovely, badges also. Sign me up!

  • Katie

    Love it!!! T shirts would be adorable!

  • kathleen codyrachel

    Through and through davenpeep and proud of it! Cap – tee shirt – apron – tote – husband etc.
    we just love you sweetie!

  • Deb Lewis

    Definitely badges AND singlet tops. (Peri-menopausal here. T Shirts are too hot. ^_^)

  • Jennifer P

    So cute and YES need shirts!!! I would represent in a heartbeat! 🙂 <3

  • Candy

    Yep. I’m a Davenpeep! Pure and proud! Point me to the tshirts ASAP!

  • Cristina

    YESSSSS!!!! What they said! All of it.

  • Cheryl Razmus

    Yes! A kit of shirt, button, badge, baseball cap, temporary tattoo, lip gloss (in one of Jane’s signature lip colors), autographed photo of Jane…(I’ll think of more)

  • Charlie

    Yes!!!! I am a Davenpeep and we do need badges! Or what about temporary tattoos! So fun!

  • Maureen

    Instead of t-shirts how about longsleeved cotton shirts so that we can roll our sleeves up and get painting happy 🙂

  • Marielle Jacobs

    Good choice! Yeeeeehhh I’am a Davenpeep too and I would buy the t’ shirt 😉

  • Marilyn Reitz

    We need a t shirt for sure in wonderful Jane colors!!!!

  • Kerry Sinigaglia

    We need all of the above. I’m a 100% Davenpeep.

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