Drawing lessons from my own humble beginnings.

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I have just completely reworked the very first workshop I ever created. ‘Draw Happy’. It was 2011 and my very first step into filming myself.

When I was refilming I cringed a little as I looked at the old videos – but thankfully, my message was so heart-felt  and useful that those wobbly baby steps could be forgiven by the people who have taken the workshop!

Draw Happy is my ‘starter-kit’ – a mini workshop that has helped thousands to start Art Journaling and to relax into their drawing . I created it especially for people who say  that they ” can’t draw” . I love that I can get peeps creating faces in no time. I have concentrated drawing a face down to the absolute minimum and I call the result a ‘Draw Happy’ face because it has a style of of it’s own!

There are several reasons to draw faces.

1. It is regarded as one of the most challenging subjects to draw, and yet we start there ( building courage!).

2. As an Art Journaling tool, being able to represent yourself,a friend or family member is SO creatively freeing.

3. Probably the best reason: Drawing people is fun!

What I noticed in my classrooms, is that after the initial rush of the first drawing steps, after a month or so, many people then start to get frustrated with their drawings. We all want to get amazing straight away! And this phase of learning is critical because people can give up on themselves. What it comes down to is practice and the gradual building up of skills. But I can’t always be standing in the room encouraging you to keep drawing, so I thought how can I short-circuit this potential blip?

I created my Jane Girl  Stencils to help new drawers work through some facial proportion lessons as a teaching aid that could help decipher the landmarks of the face and really bring learning along much quicker. In particular, three-quarter turned faces and profiles cause a bit of angst for people not confident with drawing them ( I have a stencil dedicated to each of those scenarios in each of my ‘Jane Girls’ series).

stencil-turned face- jane davenport 181

So I decided to add a few videos of the stencils in action to the workshop. And I thought it was so powerful to see how you can create beautiful, complex, nuanced face from such a humble beginning that I wanted to share one of the videos with everyone.

I hope you enjoy this little peep into ‘Draw Happy’. If you are already a member, you can just sign in to the School and see all the new videos ( we just extended all our class memberships – past present and future to Lifetime Access – so go have a look!). If you would like to join, or have a creative being in your life that needs a little encouragement, you can register here.

If you are already drawing then, this class will probably be too basic for you. Try ‘Supplies Me!’ instead – the all new version of that starts in January 2015, and then you will be ready for ‘Beautiful Faces‘ in March.

I design all my workshops so they fit with each other. My guiding principle is to keep you drawing and painting. I don’t want you to give up. What I want for you, is  all the joy that fully living in your creativity brings a person. That is my contribution to making the world a better place.

And to think, this all started with some wonky videos taken at the beach.

It’s important to celebrate your beginnings, isn’t it?


Jane / Danger

p.s I even left that original vid in the workshop!



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  • Linda Faber

    i love your new bio pages and class promos! Your joyful ness comes through on every page. I aman alumni of “Mermaid Circus” (the best!), Supplies Me and I Heart Drawing. I love that you are now offering lifetime access. Am I eligible for that…for those which are solely taught by you? I hope so because I could use a refresher on some of the techniques. I have been doing lots of art journaling this past year to cope with the loss of my closest sister. Express yourself is on my wish list for 2015.
    Please let me know how to access prior classes if I am eligible. You have had a profound impact on my artistic confidence and emerging skills.
    Sending thanks and love.

    • Jane davenport

      Angus will pm you Linda

  • Coral

    I love that you shared about your wobbly baby steps. We all take them (or need to take them). Starting is the hardest part and often we don’t. Because it’s not perfect or as good as something we’ve see. Having the courage to jump in and do your best in that moment, and to learn as you go takes you to places you only dreamed of before.

  • Anahy

    You are charmingly generous! Thank you Jane! I still want to coseguir have all your online classes, with faith in God!

  • Renee

    What a delightful happy video, love the face, the lesson, and the silly song at the end. Thank you!

  • Marysu (who loves you hugely)

    One of the things I have always loved about you as a teacher is the generosity of your heart and here it shows again!! I love going back to the earlier classes because there is always something new to learn again! So what a happy Thanksgiving gift, I am so thankful for you!! (Auto correct changed my name to Marsupial! What a laugh! I hope it hasn’t done that before! Maybe I need to consider a name change…)

  • Tina

    I LOVED the feel of those beach videos, doggy paws and dripping surfers and all. I thought they were so relaxed, and natural, that you must have been doing this for such a long time!
    Thanks, Tina

    • Jane Davenport

      Well the drippiest of them is still there to enjoy Tina! Thank you for your confidence in me!

  • Deb

    Your videos always make me smile Jane. If my hubby had unlimited funds, I would be doing them allllllll… lol
    Thanks so much for the lifetime access to your classes. I was unable to complete Supplies Me due to my painful hands, so I am really happy that I can now finish it.
    Love & hugs
    Deb xo

  • Suellen

    What wonderful new content. Draw Happy is what started me drawing and painting again. So grateful to gorgeous you.

  • Gabriella

    WOW!!!! thank you so much for the lifetime access, that makes me sooo happy!!!! Thank you so much for the lessons they are all so good!!! It is nice to look back at our past achievements. You do amazing work and I am so happy I found you online:) Thanks again, Happy drawing:)

  • Steph Schleicher

    Wow! Thank you so much for giving us lifetime access! I am so excited and looking forward to the opportunity to continue to glean creative wisdom from you. Your workshops really opened the doors for me creatively, and while you say you cringed watching your older videos, I saw only the bright, vivacious muse who is so encouraging. You were wonderful then and wonderful now. Thank you!!!

  • Gema

    Thank you Jane for your generosity and your possitive energy. The new content is great. I am enjoying the new videos so much! This class made me really happy in the past. And I am dancing over the moon today! I don’t know if altering an old book for this little class, using a journal, making one or all of those options. I am so excited! Thanks again. Big hugs.

  • Jane

    OMG Jane! Thank you so much for your gorgeous self and generosity of life time access! I still use Draw Happy especially when I am feeling stuck! It’s one of my favourites. And I’m loving all the new content, it’s like a familiar present that just keeps giving and giving. Kind of like you really. Much love Jane.

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