Dye-ing of love

I am just starting a new journal… it’s a cute little thing I got on Etsy from Paperfetish Designs. It’s handbound, with watercolour paper inner, and a canvas cover lined with grey felt. I have been saving it for ‘special’ for aaaaaages, and I’m so glad I have stepped into it.


I put down a layer of Liquitex gesso (what else!), let that dry and then drew this pic in a gelly roll pen. I had no idea they would roll on canvas! It is even waterproof. Impressed much!

And today I started playing with all my new Dye-na-Flow inks. OMG. OMG. OMG. I don’t want to jinx anything, but… me likee! they are quite transparent, but they are waterproof when dry. ( they can be heat set on fabric!) so they are LAYERABLE watercolour!  I have been playing with the Hot Fuschia ( it’s a neon pink), and really loved it’s liquidy loveliness, so I thought I would order in all the colours and play a little more… LOVING them…

I have been playing with them and the Zig paint pens whose soft colours are quite the deliciousness of my life right now.  The greeny blue colour in the page below is called Sedum.BOD-goat-woman-JAne-Davenport

I have had this antelope-goat woman popping up in my journals for the last year or so – maybe longer… I still don’t know who she is… but I think she represents uniqueness and hardiness. She is a creature with ALTitude. Fragile, but footsure.

I put my Dye-na-flow inks in a few aquash waterbrushes. One of the awesome benefits of having an art supply store, is being able to help myself to as many Aquash as I need. I just loved adding the layers of colour, not thinking about what I was doing really… gorgeous supplies put me into an art trance…

I just finished drawing her and was about to start writing, when I looked up to find 6 cows in my garden… I regarded  them, they watched me. They left with much leaping around and I had to go and watch were they gamboled off to.

I stood in a field as it rained. The sound of the rain on my umbrella, mixed with the sound of dripping water from leaves…  and the jolly calls erupting from a flock of Pink and grey galahs who had taken shelter in the gum trees enveloped me. I felt like I was stepping into a complete moment.

It was quite an odd break in my day. It refreshed me.

But, I lost my train of thought when I came back inside, so the words will arrive on the page when they feel ready again.




Zig paint pens:  here

Dye-na-Flow: here

Aquash waterbrush: here

Gelly Roll pen set: here

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