I think I melted into my Art Journal

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I wouldn’t be the first person to say they need a holiday to get over their holiday, right? But my holiday wasn’t stressful and spent rushing from landmark to cathedral to monument and museum, or spent hard-core shopping, or  spent partying and visiting rellies.

What I did on my Holiday in Bali was u..n…r….a……v…….e ……….l


And I came back too relaxed! Can that happen? It’s just that it’s taking me a while to get back into the swing of things and do ‘work’ – not just laze around making art (very slowly) and staring off into the horizon wondering what it would feel like to be a fish or bird… *snaps fingers and shakes head*. See what I mean? I keep going into holiday bliss…

The first week I was getting ready for my Escape Artists to arrive.

The second week flew by in a rush of laughter and colour and awesomeness spent with my Escape Artists ( yes they are mine!!!).

The third week, is when my holiday really started. And I promptly mingled into the balmy breezes, melded into the bliss and, melted into my artwork and moved into the pool. ( I still have a green tinge to my hair)

Well, my new journals say they are suitable for Water Media, so I was just putting that to the test! Angus spent his time surfing ( it was epic).

But I have to snap out of this mode today ( cue bucket of cold water to splash to the face!). Angus and I head up to Brisbane for the Craft Show – its a BIG extravaganza really – 5 days at the Southbank Convention centre. I will be drawing, painting and art journaling  and chatting about drawing, painting and art journaling all day. I love doing that! That’s not going to be the hard part. Doing it at more than snail’s pace will be the challenge!

LUCKILY in my Bali bliss-out, I discovered all sorts of NEW art techniques and ways to use my supplies. And I am starting to dance up and down in anticipation to show everyone. Did you know I was quite the dancer? Oh, yes.

I have LOTS to share about the Retreat, but that will have to wait until I am back from BrisneyLand, and typing this blog post has left me exhausted ( hah! kidding!).

As a TOTAL aside : do yourself a favour and check out Lisa Mitchell’s new Album ‘Bless This Mess’ – it is soulful, thoughtfulness dressed up in a pretty dress with your best white frilly topped socks. Divine.

Much love and speak more soon!





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  • Ali

    So happy to be claimed as yours….hope you don’t mind when we all claim you as ‘ours’! Much love to you both. xxx

    …and PS – I am off to the hairdresser today and that should see the green hair phase over with for now……I have to say though I have become quite fond of it!

  • cary scholes

    what a wonderful picture and so “jane”! Enjoy the mess, right??

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