How does it feel to be an Artist?

Every time I go in to my Gallery, I am surprised by people’s reactions to me as ‘The Artist‘. I suppose meeting an artist is unusual. ( Sort of like when I met a Zoo Keeper who was in charge of Red Pandas and Zebras the other week…I was all…twinkle-eyed and magic-ified…I can’t think of another word for it!).

artwork by Jane Davenport

And I was asked the other day, “what does it feel like to be an artist?”. And the question really touched me and I am still thinking about it!

In my Gallery I show my photographic art, drawing, designing, writing, journalling and painting.
I’m often asked which is my favourite. I love them all. Correction; I am wildly, arms-spinning-in-circles in love with all the art forms I employ! I go through phases where one is more important than the others. Except for drawing. Drawing is my constant thread. I was the kid at school that could draw. I am still drawing every day.

But I am usually doing a little of everything. Today for instance, I started a new painting, photographed and varnished two more for the Gallery, ruined a painting and hid it away, photographed live butterflies, wrote this blog post, updated the online store (hello html?) , journaled, went in to my Gallery and spun around in circles and did some business stuff,  had a glass of champagne at the beach watching the sunset with my hubby  and downloaded some new music (yes, and the Rachel Zoe Project…so major!). This evening I will sketch as I watch my favourite tv show (Grand Designs).

Tomorrow will be totally different! But I bet there will be a bit of painting, a bit of photography, a smidge of drawing, a pinch of journaling and a skerrick of writing and some ‘serious’ business stuff all squeezed in. I will ‘ruin’ something, and fall in love with another piece! I highly recommend working on lots of different things all at once. That way if one feels like it is turning to crappola you have plenty to move on to..and then, later, with fresh, unfrustrated eyes, you can come back to annoyances and say – “Oh! Right! THATS’s what you were trying to tell me! Got it!  Repaint the eye 2cm higher up! Of course!!”. Or I may not feel like doing anything creative at all! On those flat sort of days I try and tidy-up, organise and get prepared for my next inspiration.

artwork by Jane Davenport

So, where am I going with my art? I have seen with my own eyes how my work can affect people. I have comforted people through tears and learned amazing, uplifting stories from my collectors about how my work has affected them.  I am blessed that my work seems to reach out and it is these experiences that I am always looking for. I get goosebumps thinking about the precious stories I have been told.  I have made a little nest around my heart of these tales from collectors, and when I am having a trying time bringing a creation to life, I can snuggle into that nest.

I suppose I am always looking for people who connect with my work as that gives me courage to keep creating.

art print by Jane Davenport

But it is the artwork itself that inspires me. Creating it. Bringing my ideas into the real world. That is my driving force. My imagination is unrelenting! I need to get these stories and ideas out of my head.

I use a wide range of materials and methods to create my work. For instance, on this page are details from my new series called ‘The Sidekicks’. They are all created with colored pencils, a brand new medium for me…but one I have been smitten so hard by, I had to declare 2011 as Year of the Pencil! ( see that blog post here)

I am working towards more gallery shows, more large-scale, outdoor art installations in amazing gardens and finding more collectors and fellow artists to connect with with through my blog and websites.  I also have a few children’s books hidden in the secret pockets of my heart…
There will always be change; it is inevitable. You will see me add collections or series of work to all my artforms. It will evolve. I am VERY EXCITED about my next photographic series (very ,very veeeeeeeeery excited…bursting-out-of my-skin, 5-year-old-on-christmas-morning exctited!). You will also see me keep adding to all my existing series. I see them as life-long friends and we always keep in touch. I am a loyal person.

The hardest thing about being creative is getting used to it… it’s terrifying! Exhilarating! Free! Beautiful! All at the same time….and Worth it.

If you are on the creative edge…tippy toe-ing around…make a splash as you dive in! (or I’ll push you – haha! I would never do that! but…I will call to you…the water really is fine!)

Choose happiness!


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