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When I created my JOYnal Workshop, I was high as a kite on the adrenalin of looking for our ‘Dream Home’. I was prepared for the process to take years. But the week after I launched JOYnal, we found IT.

What ensued was was a tremendously tumultuous and exciting time. And I was working away on JOYnal throughout so it is a workshop that is always very close to my heart.


I’ll never forget my studio Muse, Fairy Nuff, visiting as I filmed the lesson for ‘Fairy Week’. As we waited to hear if our offer was accepted on the house we had fallen in love with, I created this drawing. There’s ‘The Nest’ tucked daintily into the hinterland above Byron Bay with Fairy Nuff sprinkling her magic dust. Flower-Fairy-Story-Book-long

Something worked, because I have been living here for a year now.

During Unicorn Week we moved. 5 trucks took us from our huge warehouse space. I was even filming as a team of rufty-tufty movers were dismantling my life around me, occasionally  peering over my shoulder to see where I was up to in my unicorn drawings!

Happy-Unicorns-JAne-Davenport My Film Studio was the last area to be moved, but the first to be set-up in our new space. (We were sleeping on the floor, but my cameras were up and ready to roll!).
The last video for JOYnal was the first I made in my new home. So, on a personal note, I am really looking forward to moving through all the JOYNal lessons again and seeing what memories of this huge life event are triggered.     image

JOYnal is all about drawing forth the magic creatures that lurk and flit in our subconcious. We make the invisible, visible. There are excellent lessons in symmetry, drawing wings, girlimals, fairies, elves, pixies, unicorns, storybook heroines and yes, mermaids ( I think there are mermaids in all my classes!).
The growth I have seen in my students art as they work through JOYnal has been draw-jopping. Over 500 peeps have befriended their childhood imaginations with me so far , and I hope you decide to join our gravity defying art movement. The artwork in JOYnal is exquisite!

If you are already a member of JOYnal, you are invited to come along on this adventure too. If you have just completed Mermaid Circus and you are looking for your next ArtVenture, this is most likely it.pixie-drawing-Jane-Davenport

The difference joining the ‘Live’ class makes is in the community we will be gathering together inspire each other along on the weekly challenges.

I am extending my Alumni pricing for a limited time to my Blog friends.
JOYnal is usually $165,
but $145 for you until the Class starts in the week of September 30th

click here to joinanenome-fairy-coverjane-davenport

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  • Kristin Langlais

    Hmm I tried posting a comment yesterday but it doesn’t seem to have posted so I will try again 🙂 this class looks like everything I love and want!! I have t taken a course with you yet and I want to start at the beginning with the supplies me class. I so torn though because I love fairies and I really want to take a live class with you!! Do you know if you will be offering supplies me as a live class again anytime soon? If so I guarantee I will be in that class!

  • Patricia del Moral

    Do you need the registration money the 28th or 30th I hope I can pay before the 30th so i can start the live class. ????
    Please tell me if can join..I am now in the mini drawing class, so I get a alunmi disscount.I want to join the joynal workclass??

    Let me know if it is the live class,
    Pat del Moral

    • Jane Davenport

      Hi Patricia, the class starts Live on the 30th, but you can go slower, faster, whatever you want. The info is all above.

  • Kristin Langlais

    This class looks like everything I love and want!! I haven’t taken a course with you yet and I want to start with the supplies me and work up (I’m dying though, I really want to take this live class with you! Especially with my love of fairies!!). Do you know when you might offer the supplies me class live again? If it isn’t too too far away I think I’ll wait to purchase it until you go live 🙂

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