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Lifebook registration opens soon and I hope you pop in and join from my blog when the time comes!

But in the mean time, Congratulations to Kristin Langlais because she wins a spot in Lifebook 2016. Yay!

“Lifebook has been my oasis in the crazy life I have. I’m constantly catering to others and spending my time doing things for everyone else (which I love. I love being there for my friends and family” but I need to learn to take time for myself. Lifebook always amazes me with it’s community and support and the inspiration it fills me with everyday. I need it for my soul. Thank you for this opportunity!
PS. I’ve been following your instagram and subscribed to your newsletter for a long time! ”




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  • Kerry Sinigaglia

    How exciting Kristen. I’m thrilled for you. What a year of fun you have ahead of you.

  • Kristin Langlais

    I just got the email!! This is amazing I am absolutely giddy with excitement right now! Thank you so much 🙂

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