One BIG Design Team- Loving living LIVE!

I’m having so much fun with my YouTube Live streams of the new ‘Jane Davenport Mixed Media’ Collection. They are unscripted, unedited and real life!

if you follow the link to my YouTube channel, hit the little bell 🔔 symbol next to the subscribe button, and you will get a notification when I go ‘Live’):


This whole year has been an intense one on a personal level for me.  Mainly with launching my first Mixed Media collection,  designing my next collection and writing my latest book. All of that was pretty new territory, and  It feels great to get back to some videos! Especially now that all the supplies  I use are from my own collections. I love showing people why I created each element and each color.

My first Design Team  has been a illuminating experience and I am so grateful to each Davenparty member for their contributions. They showed a wide variety of projects and kept the blog buzzing. I appreciate every one of them so much!

After a few members quit earlier in the year (which I totally understand, life happens, right?), it became obvious that I would have to organise a new Design Team for this second collection. Now, that my friends, is a lot of work!  I still have a very full dance card.  One day I may get an awesome Design Team happening again, but not in the immediate future.

For now it’s you and me! We are one giant Design Team! I hope you jump into the fun I have planned and join me in thanking Courtney, Tonja, Tiffany, James, Martice, Ali and Cyndi.  All have unique styles and I am so appreciative to each one. ❤️ I’m hoping to share guest posts from them with you in the future!




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