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 In Jane Davenport Mixed Media, JDMM

‘Davenpeep’ Amber Button posted the story of her husbands tattoo in the Jane D Mixed Media Group, and I asked her to share it with us here as well!guest-post-davenpeep


“Some people collect figurines or blue glass or stamps. My hubby and I collect tattoos. Right now we are working on tattoos to honor each of our 4 children. Our youngest child, Fox is just 1. Joel wanted to honor him with a Fox tattoo and asked me to design it.

I opened up to a page in my large Jane art journal and painted a few foxes for him to choose from. First I took my inkredible pen and sketched in only the parts that I wanted to be black. I used real photos of foxes for reference. I then used my waterbrush to bleed the pen ink a bit and to get the shape of the fox down, leaving dry spots here and there.
Then I mixed some Lobster and Pirate’s Gold mermaid markers onto a palette and used the waterbrush to drip some of it into the wet areas being sure to leave white spots for the white fur. I let it dry and then added a little more water and color and let that dry. Lastly I went back in with the inkredible pen to darken the original black spots and add in some sketchy lines. The key with doing my inky animals is that I always keep it loose and simple and I don’t usually use any pencil, I just dive right in with the pen. (Okay, once when creating a complicated tiger I did sketch a few lines in with a light pencil but try to resist this unless absolutely possible.)
After the foxes in my journal were finished, I cleared my palette by adding it to my sketched girl on the right page to make is cohesive. My hubby chose the fox face and so I scanned it in, printed it and he brought it to our tattoo artists who did a FABULOUS job translating it into a tattoo! I plan to use this same method to create a momma and baby fox as a tattoo for myself.


See Amber at:

Site: https://www.amberbuttondesign.com/
Insta: @amber_button_design
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