Mermay with Jane D 2019!

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Are you going to dive in?!!! ❤️ You can interpret the fun prompts as you want in your artwork. We will have giveaways at Jane Davenport Mixed Media on Facebook  – lots of fun!
As always, use your Jane D art supplies in the artwork to post in our fabulous creative community ! 🌈. (Sometimes people ask do they have to use 100% Jane D supplies to post work in this group and we just ask that you use some so we stay true to the intention of the group :ie: so i an see your artwork created with Jane D art supplies! ❤️).

Mermay was originally thought up by Disney illustrator Tom Bancroft and you can see his prompt list at . I like to do my own version!

Don’t forget to use the hashtags on Social Media so we can see your artwork!

#mermay if you are following the original and #mermaywithjaned and #janedavenport if you are following with me! ❤️

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