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2017 felt like a big year, right?
For me personally it was a BIG year too.
Here’s my little checklist:
• I created three Online Workshops and edited over 120 videos for them (no wonder my editing-free Live YouTube videos are so appealing to me!).
• I launched my very first art supply range with American Crafts, had it sell out in Michaels stores across the USA and Canada…then designed and launched a second range!
• We had a big infrastructure development of the web site (my developers call it an ‘ecosystem’ now, which I love!) so everything is in one place.
• We carried out some much needed renovation in our home.
• Oh yeah, and I wrote two books (they don’t come out until May and June, but you can see them here and here).

How did I not lose my mind?

Planning. To anyone else I may not look organised, but I am. I have to be!

I got my first ‘Planner’ for my 13th birthday. It was my mother’s red Filofax, and it was a treasure (she upgraded to a fancy purple one and I got her red one!).
I look at planners ( diaries/organisers/schedulers) as a form of ‘personal encyclopedia’. It’s where I can put the stuff I need to know, my own references and info. I use electronic planning too for alarms and alerts, but I need pen and paper to really work out what’s going on first.

For the last 6 months I have been using my own planners. Oops, I misspelled that, it should be spelled: MY OWN PLANNERS
because I am a tad excited about them… There are two kits and they are full of art from my journals, stickers and treats (Wait ’til you see the cute metal clips I designed!).

Get ready to plan with colors! This planner kit add color to your yearly goals. It includes a planner, stickers, sticky notes and other fun accessories to adorn the pages.

This is the planner I use every day! It’s big, so its great for a desk. My wonderful friend, Christy Tomlinson of ‘The Planner Society’ sends me her amazing planner collections each month, and they are perfect in my Colour Wheel planner! ❤️

I love spending a little time on a Sunday evening adding  a little colour with sticker, pens, washi  and a dash of watercolour.

  • 1 12-month planner (6.75″ x 9.5″)
  • Undated for optimal flexibility
  • 1 sticky notepad with 80 sheets
  • 4 metal clips
  • 93 stickers











Make your very own planner using this wonderful kit by Jane Davenport. It has everything you need to create a beautiful yet organized planner. You can use the included stickers, clips and sticky notes to embellish your planner.
It’s the same size as my original Filofax Personal Size and fits all accessories made for that format. It’s perfect for on the go planning!
  • 1  – 12-month planner (5.25″ x 7.5″)
  • Undated for optimal flexibility
  • 1 sticky notepad with 80 sheets
  • 1 zipper pouch
  • 4 metal clips
  • 93 stickers
You can get the planners at or in the Planner section at Michaels!

JDMM Planner Kits!

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    Hi! My name is Jessica and I’m new to your work, but I love it so much! One day I hope to try out some of your lovely art supplies on my youtube channel (jessoterick). I’m definitely going to save up! 🙂

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