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Beautiful Faces Book | Draw and paint whimsically styled portraits

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“Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces’ is an inspiring, mixed media workbook on how to create enchanting, fashion illustration–style portraits. Author Jane Davenport is a beloved  artist and workshop instructor known internationally for her effervescent, enthusiastic, happy, and encouraging style. In this book, she guides you step-by-step through the foundations of drawing a face, developing harmonious features, creating smooth skin tones, playing with bright colors, shading, highlighting and so much more. This book is full of new techniques to engage and inspire your imagination.”


It is packed with illustration techniques for a variety of whimsically styled, female faces.

The lessons walk your through step-by-step with detail explanation and supply information.

An International Best Seller!

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Beautiful faces is an inspiring, mixed media workbook on how to create enchanting portraits.


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What Jane says

I adore drawing faces and playing with colour! It helps makes me feel inspired and happy. The reason I teach is because I want this for everyone. Whether you want to make art as a pastime or as your profession makes no difference. As long as you enjoy the process rather than being fixated on the end result, you will keep at it. Growing and glowing! I would love to help you create the artful faces of your dreams.

Beautiful faces has been printed in multiple languages:

These rankings bounce around a little on a daily basis,
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Beautiful faces is an inspiring, mixed media workbook on how to create enchanting portraits.

136 Pages






The Online Workshop brings the book to life! As I created “Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces’ I filmed the whole process. I will be going in to my Face Math (TM) Methods in depth and further explaining concepts from the book.


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