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Ladybug Dotters | Have a Ball set | instant pops of pastel colours

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Beautiful colours
Fun for all ages!
Make happy spots and dots
Non toxic and skin safe
water-loving media!

Ladybug Dotters are an ‘instant gratification’ art supply!
This is because they allow you to quickly add a splash, dot or spot of colour with no mess or fuss.
Just uncap and start dabbing!

The colours in this set of 6 are specially created for their pastel beauty.
They are all named for the glamour of a Bridgerton ball!

LadyBug Dotters contain a lovely watercolour ink formula that works beautifully with all Jane Davenport inks, paints and pencils!

You can add ink to a mixing palette and then use apply the inks with a brush:

Try adding them to different surfaces, such as a gesso surface and watercolour papers then add water for different effects:

Watch the video for more ideas:

Watch the video!

What Jane says

I LOVE to use spots in ink as a way to create movement and effervescence in my backgrounds.
The Ladybug Dotters make this very easy and quick to do. Such minimal effort for a lovely compositional impact!

You can use Ladybug Dotters to ‘connect’ various elements on my pages and add an instant background.

Use Ladybug Dotters to add energy to your subject and connect elements.

Use Ladybug Dotters to follow the movement of your subject to create an energy wave!

The Ladybug Dotters also come in thoughtful packaging that you can use as a carry case!

Easily create spots & dots galore!

  •   vivid  colours in special ink blend.
  •   Vary pressure to create different sizes.
  •   Dab tip in a little water to make splats!


I love connecting pages in my journals with dots as a consistent element. They form a rythym!

What you might like to know


  • Shake well before use.
  • Prime tip by dabbing on surface.
  • Replace cap fully & store tip up.
  • If foam tip hardens, rinse under warm water

There are three sets in the Ladybug Dotters!

The bright ‘ Spot on’ set of 12,  Neon high rollers, and the pastel touch-of-glamour ‘ Have a Ball’ set: click here to see the bundle!

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 5 cm

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