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NEW waterproof Tattoo ink | Aye-Aye,Full Sail and Ahoy!

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Brightest inks!
Water resistant once dry
Smooth writing in pens
Letter, draw, paint, & spray!
30 ml of Amazing ink for paper!

Embark on a voyage of creativity with our waterproof ink, inspired by the daring exploits of pirates and housed in a skull-shaped bottle reminiscent of the infamous Jolly Roger flag. Named after pirate vernacular, our ink colors evoke the spirit of adventure on the high seas. But beyond its swashbuckling appearance, our waterproof ink offers a treasure trove of benefits for artists and writers alike.

The benefits of waterproof ink are as vast as the ocean itself. Designed to withstand water exposure, our ink ensures that your artwork and documents remain intact and legible, even in the face of spills, splashes, or inclement weather. Whether you’re creating illustrations, writing letters, or documenting precious memories, our waterproof ink provides peace of mind, knowing that your work will endure for generations to come.

Versatility is the key to unlocking the full potential of our waterproof ink. Compatible with a variety of writing instruments, including dip pens and fountain pens, our ink adapts to your preferred method of expression. But its versatility doesn’t stop there. Our waterproof ink can also be used with other artistic tools, such as brushes or misters, allowing you to explore a multitude of techniques and effects. Whether you’re sketching, writing, or painting, our waterproof ink empowers you to unleash your creativity without limitations, making every stroke a bold declaration of artistic freedom.




These 3 new colours!

  • Aye-Aye is a deep fulsome Purple
  • Ahoy is a bright desert Island yellow
  • Full Sail is a breezy blue

Watch the video!

What Jane says

Tattoo Ink is a water-resistent, nano-pigment ink for paper.

Their smooth flow makes them perfect for drawing fine lines, which dry faster and can be painted over more quickly. Although they are waterproof when dry, they can be used to make washes while still wet. They are ideal for artists, journalers, sketchers, tanglers, doodlers and scribblers!

These 3 new colours join the  Jolly Rodger colours and each has it’s own personality!

  • Aye-Aye is a deep fulsome Purple
  • Ahoy is a bright desert Island yellow
  • Full Sail is a breezy blue
  • Yo-Ho-Ho – is a dark, deep pink
  • Shiver-Me-Timbers – is a deckhand brown
  • In the Navy – a dark, inky indigo
  • Shanty is a true ocean blue with turquoise undertones, 
  • Tortuga is a gleaming sea-turtle green,
  • Sea Legs is a deep kelp forest green,
  • Bordello is a sumptuous, lively magenta
  • Gangplank in the most energetic orange you will ever see!
  • Mutiny is such a clear and strong purple,
  • Sharkbite is an intensely pigmented red,
  • Treasure Map is a lively sepia 
  • Plunder is sunshine in a bottle.
  • Tattoo Kink – A shadowy, bruisey purple
  • Tattoo Pink – the brightest neon pink ink!
  • Carbon Black – deepest jet black!

I love to use them in the Funtain pen Rollerball tips as everday-writing and drawing pens!

Load the inks into our FUNtain pens!

For the Mixed Media artist!

You can apply Tattoo Inks like a watercolour ink, but once dry they are highly water-resistant so you can layer watercolour and other watersoluble media on top of them without blurring. More than that, they don’t like to disturb under-layers of your art. They tend to sit up on top of other other art supplies. they are water based for easy clean up and can be added to any ink tool such as mister bottles, markers and  waterbrushes ( See the video below for more ideas and details).

For the Calligraphers and Sketchers!

Add Tattoo inks to a fountain pen, PinPoint pen, Meet your Marker or Inkbrush

  • Smooth Writing
  • Stable Performance
  • fountain-pen-friendly.
  • the deep colour is formed with pigment, not dyes.

    • Each bottle contains a generous  30ml of ink
    • Secure push and twist cap
    • Dripper top, so you can ceate straight from the bottle!
    • Eco-friendly materials and manufacture



See the video for more!

You can dilute Tattoo ink with water for lighter washes, or layer it for more intense colour.

It is waterproof when applied from a pen or in thin washes.
In deeper or more dense applications, there can be some slight colour shift with water.

But overall the water-resistance is excellent!


Load tattoo ink into all types of fountain pens, spray bottles, markers. Use with Dip pens and brushes. Draw paint and Mist with it!

What you might like to know

Water-Proof vs Water Resistant

The Tattoo Inks all have different water-resistance qualities.
In the chart below i sprayed each colour so we have an intense application of each ink, then added some lines with the ink in a Waterbrush, then some very fine Fountain pen lines.
I let the ink dry, and then added water with a paintbrush over each swatch and let it sit there until it was dry.
I have a summary of the results below the chart.

In short, Tattoo inks in fountain pens,  ie very fine application, has no shift.
On the more dense applications ( the sprays and waterbrush lines, there is a variety of effects.

  • Neon Pink : no shift
  • Carbon Black: dense areas can have very light shift,
  • Shadow: No shift
  • Bordello  magenta: dense areas can have very light shift
  • Treasure Map sepia : this has the most shift, but it is very attractive!
  • Shanty blue : no shift
  • Sharkbite  red: no shift
  • Mutiny  purple: no shift
  • Gangplank Orange: no shift
  • Tortuga light green: no shift
  • Plunder yellow : dense areas shift
  • Sea Legs deep green: no shift


Care tips

Please note: These inks are safe to use in fountain pens, but regular care and cleaning should be done, as pigment ink can be damaging if allowed to completely dry up inside the pen. To be safe, we recommend cleaning your pen every 4 to 6 weeks, or if you don’t plan on using the pen for a week or longer. To clean flush it with water.

If your pens with Tattoo inks have been standing for a while and appear dry, rinse the nib and wipe on a lint free cloth to remove any dry ink particles. The ink will flow freely again!

Although skin-safe, these inks are for paper and art surfaces, not drawing on skin, drinking, sniffing or anything else!

See the Bundle of the original colours here:

Please do not store the ink in direct sunlight or subject to extreme temperature changes.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8 cm

Aye-Aye, Full Sail, Ahoy!, All 3 new colours

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