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Skinny Dip Stamp & Stencil COLLECTION!

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Facetime Portrait making Set | Skinny Dip Collection

This stencil and stamp set can be used to build a range of beautiful turned faces!




This set is for the Facetime stencil, Facetime 2pce stamp and Facetime Features stamp.

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WildInk Stamp Set | Skinny Dip Collection

A set of stamps that includes a bold face, wave motifs that can be used as hair and landscape forms!



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Always ThINKing Stamp set | Skinny Dip Collection

A gorgeous set of stamps that celebrates Journaling, drawing and creative tools!

I love, love love them for swatching!


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SideChick Stamp & Stencil | Skinny Dip Collection

This stencil and stamp set can be used to build a range of beautiful turned faces!




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Weather With You Stamp | Skinny Dip Collection

This design was created during a Livestream, and I loved it so much, i knew it had to become a stamp!

The girl and the raindrops are seperate so you can decide on the weather and how to use the different pieces.


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Straight Faced Stamp set | Skinny Dip Collection

A gorgeous set of stamps that helps you draw faces!




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Skinny Dip Washi tape trio!

Washi Tape originated from Japan as part of the aesthetic art of gift-giving. It has since gone on to become a staple for many creative people because of its ability to instantly add a pop of colour or interest to page. Whether you're decorating journals, creating custom greeting cards, labelling or personalising a special gift, Washi Tape is an easy way to bring delight.

There are three Designs in this Skinny Dip Collection!

1 x  50mm wide
2 x 30mm wide


Skinny Dip Stripes:

Facetime eyes - these can be used as is, or to help reverse the eyes on the Facetime Stencil:

Facetime Me:

See the video for ideas on using them:


In stock

All the Skinny Dip Stamps
Face Stencils
An amazing collection!
7 Amazing stamp sets!
Bonus Gift of Trio Washi!

Take advantage of this Bundle offer that brings the ENTIRE Skinny Dip stamp and stencil collection together !

And receive a fabulous free gift!

The Skinny Dip washi trio extends the fun and practicality of this thoughtful collection of art tools!


The Sidechick stamp and stencil set mix and match to create wonderful little faces!

The Facetime sets combine to elevate your art!

There are SO MANY fun elements in this collection that pull together!



Watch the video!

What Jane says

Skinny Dip makes it easy to add skin tones, contrast and volume elevating the people in your art!

With Skinny Dip Ink, you hold the power to depict humanity in its true colours, celebrating diversity in every stroke!

The essence of Skinny Dip Ink lies not just in its spectrum of skin tones but in the fluidity and harmony of its watercolor inks. They invite artists to honour the individuality of their subjects, crafting works that resonate with realism and depth.


Skinny Dip inks are more than beautiful liquid watercolour; they’re the brushstrokes of inclusivity, allowing creators to paint stories that celebrate the beautiful diversity of the world around us. But it’s not just about faces; Skinny Dip inks infuse an enchanting harmony into landscapes and abstract creations alike. From the warmth of sunlight on a cheek to the cool shadows beneath a jawline, these inks are the secret sauce for creatives aiming to elevate their work.


What you might like to know

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm
INK Colour:

RoCocoa, Celebrity Skin, TanFastic, Sun Blessed, Silk Stockings, ShortBread, Soft Focus, Violet Femme, Ruby Tuesday, ShadyLady, Deja Blue, Madame Lash, All 12 Skinny Dips

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