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Tattoo Ink | Carbon black, water-resistent & permanent

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Jet black, carbon ink
Water resistant when dry
Use with all pens
Brush, write, scribble, doodle, spray, draw!
30ml of ink for paper - not skin 😉

Tattoo Ink is a highest quality, fountain-pen-friendly pigment Ink!

The deep Carbon Black colour is formed with pigment, not dyes which gives it excellent archival and lightfast properties!

  • This is a high quality, Fountain Pen Ink
    •  30ml
    • Secure push and twist cap
    • Dripper top
    • No Clogging to the fountain pen nib
    • Eco-friendly materials and manufacture
    • Smooth Writing
    • Stable Performance
    • Water based
    • the deep colour is formed with pigment, not dyes.


Watch the video!

What Jane says

You can wash it out with water until it dries. Then it it is permanent.

Use it in all ways you would use an ink – the results will delight you!



What you might like to know

Water Resistant | What does that mean?
Technically, as a fountain pen ink, these are classified as water-proof, because a fountain pen lays down such a fine amount of ink.
However, as artists, we will use these inks in many other ways, and denser application can cause the nano-particles in the pigments to settle differently, and there can be some wash-out with enough if enough water is added. Each colours will react differently on various papers and conditions. Knowing that, you can use these properties to your artistic advantage!

Water-Proof vs Water Resistant

The Tattoo Inks all have different water-resistance qualities.
In the chart below i sprayed each colour so we have an intense application of each ink, then added some lines with the ink in a Waterbrush, then some very fine Fountain pen lines.
I let the ink dry, and then added water with a paintbrush over each swatch and let it sit there until it was dry.
I have a summary of the results below the chart.

In short, Tattoo inks in fountain pens,  ie very fine application, has no shift.
On the more dense applications ( the sprays and waterbrush lines, there is a variety of effects.

  • Neon Pink : no shift
  • Carbon Black: dense areas can have very light shift,
  • Shadow: No shift
  • Bordello  magenta: dense areas can have very light shift
  • Treasure Map sepia : this has the most shift, but it is very attractive!
  • Shanty blue : no shift
  • Sharkbite  red: no shift
  • Mutiny  purple: no shift
  • Gangplank Orange: no shift
  • Tortuga light green: no shift
  • Plunder yellow : dense areas shift
  • Sea Legs deep green: no shift


Care tips

Fountain pen friendly. | what does that mean?
These inks are safe to use in fountain pens, but regular care and cleaning should be done, as pigment ink can be damaging if allowed to completely dry up inside the pen. To be safe, we recommend cleaning your pen every 4 to 6 weeks, or if you don’t plan on using the pen for a week or longer. To clean flush it with water.

If your pens with Tattoo inks have been standing for a while and appear dry, rinse the nib and wipe on a lint free cloth to remove any dry ink particles. The ink will flow freely again!

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8 cm

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