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Inky Depths WaterBrush | Small, Medium, Large Set

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Fill with water or inks!
Great for travel!
Perfect for watercolour
Create beautiful, variable brush lines
Custom mermaid details to bring joy

This is a set  of 3 different Inky Depths Waterbrush.

The Waterbrush is a hollow -handled brush that you can fill with water. It was invented for use with watercolour.

You can gently squeeze for easy to control water release and they’re ideal for use with water-soluble paints and pencils. The durable nylon fibre tip on each waterbrush holds shape and point for continuous use.
  • 6 Medium tips
  • The tips hold their shape and point for continuous use and come with a protective cap.
  • They are perfect for building textures, creating detail, and delivering washes of colour.
  • Used with water-soluble paints and pencils.
  • fill with ink to create your own Mermaid Markers
  • Comfortable to hold.
  •  Portable and convenient for both indoor and outdoor use.

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What Jane says

I LOVE waterbrushes, because they work with so much more than just plain water!

Make your own Mermaid Markers with INKredible ink, your own glitter markers with Fairy Dust pigments, or your own paint pens with some acrylic paint and a touch of Flow Aid!

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What you might like to know

We have three size of tips in the InkyDepth waterbrush.

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 2 cm

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