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Empty Layer Cake Palette| Create your dream mix of colours!

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Build a custom palette!
Add your favourite Layercake pans
Rill with pans from our Layercake palettes
Build your perfect portrait set
Great for travel

Use this empty palette to rearrange your LayerCakes to create a custom paint kit! I use the empty palette to create a travel kit by selecting some favourites across my whole collection

The LayerCake pans can be lifted out and placed with a little pressure.

LayerCake paint is an opaque water-media and there are 70 pans in the collection so far!

The colours come in collections of 10 ( click here).

We also have 3 individual colours available as they are essentials: (click here)

*please note: The palette is empty and comes with no pans. You can use it to add the pans from our existing palettes.

Watch the video!

What Jane says

There are 61 pans in the Layer Cake collection so far. With this empty palette you can mix and match the pans to create your ideal grouping for travel and convenience!

What you might like to know

You could also use this empty palette case as a hard- sided pencil case!
The profile of the pan holders is quite shallow.

You can clean the palette  with water and a soft paper towel.

Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 22 × 8 × 3 cm

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