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Watercolour Tin | Create a custom palette

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This set contains  a beautiful watercolour tin ready for you to add pans to and customise to your taste!

On the base you will find a thumbring to make it easier to hold when painting out-and-about.
The Tin opens to reveal a flip out mixing palette. The inner lid can be used as a mixing palette also.


What Jane says

The inner tray that can be used to hold your pans is removeable, and when lifted out reveals that there are more mixing wells in the base of the palette. Removing the inner tray allows you to keep your palette clean, and allows you to customise it even further!

You can use the insert provided to load your pans into, or remove it and add magnetised-pans!

What you might like to know

For the ultimate in customisation, the set does not include pans. You can add Full pans, half pans or our new Nano pans!
See our empty pan sets here:

Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 cm

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