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Fairy Dust Pigments Bundle | make magical watercolours & inks!

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Fairy Dust | 50 colours to make your own glittering watercolours

FairyDust pigments are designed to let you join in on the fun of making your own watercolour paint in the easiest, quickest way possible.

Each packet holds enough FairyDust to make several pans of watercolour and bottles of ink. It depends a little on how you want to use them!

There are 50 colours to fall in love with,  each named after butterfly species from around the world. There is a gorgeous custom box to store them with all the names on the side ❤️.


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Colour Cauldrons | pigment mixing bowls

You will feel like an art scientist using your 'Colour Cauldron'! These mini mortar and pestle sets are specially designed for artists to mix colours or use as a cute water jar and storage in between uses.

  • The lovely box comes with a pair of Colour Cauldrons.
  • The ' Colour Cauldron' is porcelain with a silicone base.
  • Custom colour silicone base is non slip for easy mixing.
  • Smooth, non-stick varnish covers the entire Colour Cauldron and pestle, except for the mixing areas.
  • the mixing base has a natural ceramic texture to help with the mixing and grinding.

  • Remove the silicone base for  cleaning
  • wash with warm water. For stubborn pigments I use a 'magic white sponge'.


This is part of the new Fairy Dust pigment collection!


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Pantastic Mermaid Scale Magnetic Palette × 3

What is a mermaid's favourite art supply? Watercolour of course! And this palette is just as magical as a mermaid.

  • 20 metal pans in my signature 'Bali Blue'
  • The palette is magnetic, and you can move the pans, reorganise as you wish.
  • Fill them with tube watercolours or make your own with the Fairy Dust pigments ( recipe below)!
  • the custom pan shape offers a perfect surface area for creating blissful washes of colour.
  • Buy as a stand-alone item here, or look at the bundle price here!

This is part of the new Fairy Dust pigment collection


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SpARTula set 1 | pigment mixing tools

The spARTula set is a studio essential you can use a hundred different ways from mixing your own watercolours with FairyDust Pigment, to scrape through stencils or spreading gesso!

  • each spARTula is 19cm long
  • Soft silicone in our signature colours
  • easy to use and clean
  • Eco-wood handles with laser burned ARTspirational messages!

This is part of the new Fairy Dust pigment collection!



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Treasure Measures | precision pigment spoons x 2

The Treasure Measure is a deceptively handy little tool! You can precisely measure pigments and art ingredients for your creative joy.

  • 3 gram and 1 gram measure labelled (cutely!)
  • easy to clean
  • easy to handle size
  • Two Treasure Measures are in this set


This is part of the new Fairy Dust pigment collection!

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Palette Pipettes | Transfer inks & water in style

The Palette Pipette has a soft-touch silicone squeeze top that attaches to the clear measure. It is fabulous for precisely adding water or inks in your artmaking.

  • 5 bright pipettes in our signature colours
  • volume measures on the clear pipette
  • removeable  silicone squeezer for easy cleaning

The Palette Pipettes are part of the new Fairy Dust pigment collection!



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Kinder Binder | Gum Arabic for handmade watercolour!

75ml bottle

Kinder Binder is made of Gum Arabic, which is made from the sap harmlessly harvested from living trees. It is used as the 'binder' medium that is added to pigments to make watercolours because it is watersoluble, and sets again as it dries. It is a wonderfully versatile liquid!

I primarily use Kinder Binder to hand-make make my own gorgeous watercolours with our Fairy Dust pigments, but you can use it in so many other ways!

Kinder Binder:

  • controls the spread of wet watercolour,
  • reduces staining
  •  slows drying to allow more time for blending.
  • also increases the gloss and transparency of your water colour paint.
  • will slightly extend the drying time of the watercolour paint,
  • makes the colors seem more vibrant!
  • It will increase the gloss of the dried painting.
  • Also increases the brilliance and transparency of gouache.

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Make your own palette
50 ASTONISHING colours!
All the tools you need!
Unique mermaid scale palette!
Exclusive to us!

This bundle has everything you need to join the magical world of handmade watercolour makers!

You have 60 colours to create your own watercolours and inks with, plus all the tools you need! but in detail this bundle includes you receive:

  • 50 vivid Fairy Dust Pigment sachets!
  • The FairyDust box to organise your pigment collection.
  • 3 magnetic Pan-tastic Palettes with mermaid scale pans to fill with your colours!
  • 2 spARTulas to mix and pour your pigments.
  • 5 Palette Pipettes to add water and turn pigments into magic.
  • 2 Colour Cauldrons to make your magic in.
  • 2 Treasure Measures to distribute your pigments.
  • Kinder Binder Gum Arabic to bind the pigments into watercolours

In this video I walk through the collection pieces, talk about the inspiration behind it and show some examples on how beautiful they are in use!


In the next Video we look at making Fairy Dust Pigment watercolours!


Watch the video!

What Jane says

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You can save the instructions below as an image to print and refer to:


This image shows some of the items in the bundle, and what you can make with them!

What you might like to know

Click the link to download the Pantastic swatch card, drag the image to your desktop or save the image as a photo to print onto water colour paper.



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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm

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