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HUEphoria paintbox | 66 watercolours!

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66 beautiful hues!
Compact clear case with mixing area
Wide spectrum of unique colours!
Store Horizontally
Suits all experience levels.

The Huephoria Paintbox features 66 highly pigmented watercolour pans. Because of the huge colour range you quickly move beyond the basics and into some unique hues!

This offers wonderful creative opportunity for artists with lots of watercolour already and a fantastic place to start for new people to watercolour!

The colour names are inspired by word play. I adore puns, and some of these are just so bad, but it’s all for fun.

The amazing value in this set is delivered by the smaller compact pan size, taped attachment and case.  The new watercolour formula offers smooth coverage and fulsome release of colour!



  • 66 unique colours in quarter pan size.
  • Pigmented watercolor paint in 2 formulas ( details below) 👇.!
  • Compact clear case is light & tough and inside lid can be used as a large mixing palette.
  • Comes with Swatch card and practice pages.

* set does not include a brush


Colours are naturally transparent and they have strong tinting strength making for unexpected and wonderful layering results.

Part of the magic of these colours is that the formula is semi-moist, which means it is easy to activate each colour. this also means that the watercolour can be soft, especially after use so store the watercolours horizontally or flat

Watch the video!

What Jane says

The intention of the ‘Huephoria’ set is to simply draw everyone into experiencing the joy of watercolour! No doubt, Watercolour mastery has a learning curve to it, but it’s a fun and worthy one.
One of the most magical things about watercolour is the ease with which you can mix your own hues, but that ability takes time to unlock as there’s a bit more to it than simply mixing primary colours.
And that on top of learning how to use the medium is a lot for a new watercolour painter to take in all at once…
the danger is that overwhelm can make people think they don’t have the capability to watercolour which is such a shame because they may give up, and miss out on this relaxing, magical art supply.
So this Huephoria set allows people to play with the wonder of watercolor purely as a medium… and then as a next step ease into colour mixing with a some colour already in their cheeks!

The clear case and stripped down housing makes it compact, light and amazing value – thus a perfect starter kit.
The same properties in combination with the paint quality and colour choice make it a wonderful travel kit and colour extender for more experienced creatives.

I just love it because I can have 66 amazing colours in a compact case when I’m working in a large journal!

Absolutely Perfectly Imperfect

There are two formulas in the paintbox and you may notice that some colours appear glossy and others are more matte (no shine). You may notice that the matte colours have a little more opacity to them and take an extra moment to activate. They have good covering strength! The glossy colours are a transparent type of watercolour that remains a a little soft, and makes it better for mixing and staining. The glossies will usually look flatter in the pan as they settle differently after the hand pouring process, because they are more concentrated.

The matte paints may look textured or occasionally have a crack due to tiny air bubbles which can occur during the pouring process but this does not affect the quality of the paint in any way. Such imperfections will lessen and disappear entirely with use.

Enjoy your perfectly imperfect Huephoria watercolours!

Here is a Spare swatch card to download and print on watercolour paper:


What you might like to know

Conforms to ASTM D-4236

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 5 cm

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