Pantastic Mermaid Scale Magnetic Palette


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What is a mermaid’s favourite art supply? Watercolour of course! And this palette is just as magical as a mermaid.

  • 20 metal pans in my signature ‘Bali Blue’
  • The palette is magnetic, and you can move the pans, reorganise as you wish.
  • Fill them with tube watercolours or make your own with the Fairy Dust pigments ( recipe below)!
  • the custom pan shape offers a perfect surface area for creating blissful washes of colour.
  • Buy as a stand-alone item here, or look at the bundle price here!

This is part of the new Fairy Dust pigment collection

In this Video we look at making Fairy Dust Pigment watercolours!



Click the link to download the Pantastic swatch card, drag the image to your desktop or save the image as a photo to print onto water colour paper.




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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 16 × 11 × .05 cm


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