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I contributed to a brand new book by the lovely Lorraine Bell celebrating the wonderful and humble crayon!

One of my images is being used in the promotion of the book:

crayons book

My copy should arrive any day now, so I can’t tell you much more, other than you can see it on Amazon!
In the meantime congratulations Lorraine! Getting a book birthed is a monumental effort.

It’s rocketed to #1 in Mixed Media!

As an aside, my book is still featuring in the rankings – which is pretty good seeing as coloring books are put in the Mixed Media category, and we all know how monumentally popular they are/have been!Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 5.23.54 PMI also have nearly 500 reviews – WHAT?!
Thank you to everyone who has left a review for my book. I appreciate the time it takes.
If you have my book and would like to leave a review to assist others in their decision, please do: click



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  • MaryJane Mitchell

    Congrats to you Jane. So happy to see dreams come true for other artists. I can’t wait to see your products in Michaels next year.

    Lots of love and luck
    MaryJane Mitchell

  • Carly

    I am interested to see how you use the Neocolour II water colour crayons, I love my set, even without adding water they are divine! Anyway, can’t wait to get my copy and see more of your super helpful projects.

  • Davenport Guy

    Congrats on releasing your book!`

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