The thrill of ‘Growing Up’!

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I spent yesterday with my family and it’s just so amazing seeing my little nephew and niece inhabiting the world, growing stronger, taller and more mindful with every passing month. Growing Up is such a big thing when we are kids! and once we stop growing taller, the importance of ‘growing up’ fades from top of mind i guess, but it’s importance is still there.

I don’t think of myself as a ‘brand’ or as a business – I’m too busy enjoying what I do for it to even feel like work most of the time. But every so often we hit a milestome or achieve a little something that makes me take stock and say “wow! we are growing up!”.

One of things is having my art supplies in Blicks! Long regarded as the biggest and most comprehensive online art store in the world. And you can find my name sitting there with the who’s who of art supplies! I’m feeling a little giddy TBH.

You can see them here:







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