Winner! (and Growing Pains – ouch!)

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I must say I feel like the winner here with all the excitement going on with the launch of my Mixed Media collection. I am seeing videos and images galore of Michaels and of peeps shopping and then unpacking and testing and using their Jand DMM goodies. It is just so… dream-like…

Here’s a little video introducing the collection!


Growing Pains

Even though we have industrial-grade-souped-up servers, the site still got overheated! The sheer weight of love and activity flooding to this site over the past 24 hours has been wonderful! But we suffered a complete outage (which made me have a power surge, let me tell you…) and the site is back – but some people are reporting issues with shopping carts. It may be you need to refresh your screen, and then try again. I apologise! I hope you can forgive the ‘growing pains’ we are going through.





So votes were just about even over all of the songs for little intro videos ! But Tinsel had to pick a winner…
“All the songs were lovely *** Believe In It*** is my choice because it has been in my head all morning. When I hear a tune or lyrics that stick around I believe angels are singing and have a message. (Maybe it’s a Mermaid)
I read and see so many amazing posts in your Facebook groups from people who didn’t think they could draw!!!!!
Your instructional videos infused with wit and candid “realness” make me laugh. You make learning fun. (Neighbors cow mooing in the background) When having fun you forget “you can’t” and you believe in yourself. BELIEVE IN IT All the supplies are delightful. The paint pens look fun to “audition”.
Congratulations Jane!!!!”

Amy Louise


Congratulations Amy Louise! A scholarship for ‘Over the Rainbow’ is coming your way!



Now little Tinsel is in a VERY GOOD MOOD – and she insisted on two winners – and who am I to resist a small pomeranian?


“Hi Jane! Oh my stars and moons!
Fantastic music to choose from, I liked them all. But the one that truly resonates with me personally is ‘The Dreamer in Me’. You are the one that guided me through those early days when I first took up a mixed media journal and a paint brush after great loss in my life.
Your infectious laugh and talented hands took me places I would never have found on my own…at least not as quickly. The joy in creating mermaids and fairies and exploration of art supplies..painting beautiful faces and splashing colour everywhere helped me leave the troubles of my world behind. A seed was planted to one day leave my day job behind and do what I have fallen passionately in love creation. Yes. I’ve got the dreamer in me.
Thanks to you.
I’m also dreaming about those yummy looking watercolor paint markers and that petite tin of pans of color. Those juicy looking tubes of paint make me drool too. Oooh…and the pencil cases with your art on them…and the journals…and the tapes…

and..and..I love you Jane.xxo”

Sandy Derryberry

Congratulations Sandy ! A scholarship for ‘Over the Rainbow’ is coming your way too.
And some art supplies ( if there are any left – wow – the store is BUSY! Angus is packing like crazy!)

Thank you to all who joined in the fun and left their comments.
Thank you for your company!



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  • Wendy

    is anyone else having problems accessing over the rainbow supply list? I keep refreshing… no luck…
    Jane? any word on when it might be up?
    would like to have some supplies when class starts!
    thanks! wendy malinow

    • Angus

      getting to it as soon as I can Wendy! xoxox Jane

  • Ali

    CONGRATS to the winners! I just LOVE all these videos with your beautiful self and beautiful products!!!! You make me smile!!! Love you!!! <3

  • Amy Louise

    ***BELIEVE IN IT***Winner Winner Chicken Dinner*** Thank you for making me laugh & cry at the same time Jane Davenport. Big hug & kiss for Tinsel too! My husband wanted to know why I was crying (he entered the room right after I read the post that I had won!!!! ) “Tears of joy” I explained which warranted a second trip to Michaels for more supplies. Thank you thank you I am sooo excited for the new workshop! Hugs!

  • Linda Fitch

    Jane darling, you have woken me up from a long snooze! I just watched an unboxing of your product line and My heart is beating a mile a minute! I WANT IT ALL! I’m so glad I signed up for your over the rainbow class, and especially now. I keep waiting for my Michaels to stock up so I can go all DAvenpeep! It’s like an answer to prayer. Not many details but my life had been pretty crappy for a long time including getting an incurable chronic disease, losing everything including my boys now men due to divorce………now at 50 something art has been healing me. Then I see over the rainbow and I remember how my boys and I dressed as dorthoy and her three “Friends” one Halloween and remember ….she had the power all along! So I sign up and then I see your art supplies which are gonna bring me so much joy, and so much more healing. You understand the healing power of beauty and of art and creativity. Thanks Jane for being a life saving part of my creative journey. You were put in my path for a reason, can’t wait for your class and to use your supplies! It feels good to live again, to be excited for something again! To some people they are art supplies, to me they are a life line, thank you for making them more than survival, thank you for making them a living dream!!!

  • Josefina Freidwall

    Congratulations to the winners, and congratulations to you Jane!! What a success!
    I have yet to decide what I “need” first… and by the way, if you can’t check out on your computer, try using your smart phone. For some reason it’s working for me. 😉
    Cheers! ❤

  • Sandy Derryberry

    Tinsel!! You little darling you!! I’m over the moon excited about the lovely gifts you’ve bestowed. I can’t believe it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart..I truly am Over the Rainbow!! xoxxo

  • Jane

    Just picked up one of your face stencils from Michael’s yesterday! Was excited to see all your new products. They need to restock ALREADY! (out of some stencils) I’m terrible at drawing faces, so thanks for the help.

    Needless to say, I’m all on board for Janeuary!

  • Michelle

    Congratulations on the launch Jane, the products look wonderful. I am salivating here and hoping to complete my purchases through your online store. Still experiencing issues with cart and checkout – not able to get the checkout page to load! I have been corresponding with the AMAZING Angus though so hopefully it will be sorted soon. Meanwhile I have been watching all the little videos and I can’t wait to start the Free Course. Thank you for adding that little bonus in 🙂

  • Mandy Herring

    Oh yay! Congratulations to the winners l, nice picking little Tinsel❤️

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