Mermaid Circus Online Workshop with Teesha Moore and Jane Davenport

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Come one, come all to witness the
Greatest Show in the Seven Seas!

{Prepare to be MERmesmerised!}

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Mermaid Circus is an Online Workshop unlike any other and an event not to be missed.
Your Ringmasters are those salty sirens, Teesha Moore and Jane Davenport.

What happens when you put your favourite things together?
Teesha LOVES the Circus.

Jane LOVES Mermaids.

So when Teesha and Jane decided to collaborART  Mermaid Circus was born!

Mermaid Circus is all about wild, soulful creativity!

In 8 action-packed weeks :

  • See how an Artist’s Style is ‘born’ and how to apply that to continue developing your own voice.
  • be endlessly inspired to create your own masterpieces!
  • Step by step tutorials on drawing, painting, collage, lettering, composition and journal making.
  •  Accelerate your way to free expression in your artwork.

But rather than me telling you about the magic we created in this workshop
how about I hold up a seashell and you can hear
the whispers from the Mermaids themselves:
“The deliciousness of the videos in this class has been beyond words.
I continue to love watching your art and teaching evolve, Jane!
You have taught me so much, through all your classes, and I never get tired
of watching you pull forth another wondrous being from the page.”
Susan Z
“Of all the workshops I’ve taken over the past couple of years,
this is the one that really grabbed me and wouldn’t let go…in a good way!

xo Kim


Student artwork created in Mermaid Circus!

“Oh fantastic Jane-what work ethic you have!
Packing so much in right to the end-…
I can only describe it as the catalyst
for setting a big shift into action somehow. ”
Jan K
“When I opened my email announcing the arrival of the Mermaid Circus,
I couldn’t believe my luck! My 2 favorite artists were getting together to
teach a class celebrating my favorite subject, Mermaids.
It just had to be magical – and let me say, it is!…

I thank you both for all your fabulous inspiration and gentle instruction.
You have made my little art world a dreamy, fun and uplifting place to be in.
I never want to stop swimming in these creative waters!

Jessica W


“Jane and Teesha, your Mermaid Circus class has been nothing short of astounding!
I have loved every part of it over the last 8 weeks and can’t believe how quickly time
has flown! …The videos have given us a birds eye view into your studios,
arts and your busy, creative minds. They are treasures.

…You have nurtured a wonderful warm group of mermaids within Facebook!
It has been a safe place to share and meet new friends….
Thank you both for giving so much of yourselves to your mermaid clan.

I am totally thrilled to have been a part of this special group.”
Robyn W


Wow, I think, is the best word to describe the Mermaid Circus.
(Well maybe WOW WOW WOW is better!). Wow best encompasses the
anticipation and enthusiasm that I felt not only before the workshop started,
but all the way through, as well.

It also expresses the admiration I feel for both of the ringleaders, Teesha and Jane,
both of which I was well familiar with. And it was such a pleasure to be part of
such a fabulous group of artists, all mermaids/clowns/artists in their own right.
I was constantly filled with awe, wonder and total amazement during the
entire time and it will remain long into the future.

And there were thrills, and surprises around each and every corner.
This has been a truly extraordinary adventure into the deep. …


The techniques, tips, secrets, bits of wisdom
and encouragements were over the “big” top.

My brain is swimming with inspiration …
And my art table is full of many WIP, so much so that I have had to leave notes
with each one and a list of ideas that are just percolating …


A big wow to learning new, expanding my borders and unfolding my wings
(or rather fins). Mermaid Circus is definitely the greatest show on earth!!!

Marcia B


So when I say Mermaid Circus was beloved and awesome, I mean it.

Examples of amazing Student Artwork!

Giusi Blanco MC2 Artist: Guisi Blanco

And we can’t wait to do it all again!


About your Ringmasters!

Teesha and Jane are creatively in sync.
They are both abundantly prolific artists, crazy about color drawn to positivity and deeply curious about the cute and quirky!
Their artistic styles are different, yet deeply compatible…


Teesha Moore

She’s a Creativity Icon. Her artwork and journals are quite simply, magnificent and have been included in a huge array of books and magazines. Teesha is the creator of ArtFest, JournalFest, FibreFest and Play Retreats! Publisher of Magazines, Designer of Stamps and Champion of the Quirky, the Different the Off Kilter. She is also on the Arts Commissioner Boards in her hometown of Issaquah.  She has taught workshops all over the world for the last 20 years.

Mermaid Circus is Teesha’s first online class and may be the one and only ( you’ll find out why in the Workshop!). The artwork and projects she dreamed up for the Workshop are astoundingly creative and will kick you into the upper inspirationsphere!

“People ask me what type of artist I am. I hate to say one thing. Even “mixed media” doesn’t do it for me.

I like to think that my specialty is creativity.

I like the process of it, rather than the end result. I NEED to make art. It relaxes me and energizes me at the same time.
I love ideas. and I have TONS of them everyday.

To me, making art is play. I don’t worry what others will think of it…I create from my gut. I let whatever is inside of me come out, so I step aside as much as possible so that can happen. I am always happy to share any idea or technique I know with anyone who wants to listen because it is all about creativity and if something I say can get someone to shoot off down a path of their own creativity, there is no greater joy for me. “
Teesha Moore

Learn more about Teesha :


Jane Davenport

Jane Davenport is a gifted teacher who has created 6 phenomenally popular online workshops. She is a licensed and widely exhibited professional artist, and shares all of her experience with astounding generosity. Her down-to-earth approach will have you champing at the bit to try things you would never dreamed you could do .

Teesha writes:  “When I first met Jane, I immediately knew she had that inner spark of bright light.  Her perpetual optimism is authentic and refreshing.  Her enthusiasm about life and art is HUGE.  She is someone you want to be around because she is so non-judgemental about anything…she allows you to be yourself and loves you just the same.  And on top of all of this, she is an incredibly creative artist who follows her heart and her intuitions.  She’s really good at what she does and has a work ethic that rivals my own.  For all these reasons, she is the only one I would have consented to do a collaboration with and it’s been a blast!”

Jane says: ” I empower people through creativity. I may look like I’m teaching people to draw and paint, but what I’m really doing is showing people how to defy their self-imposed gravity. The creative courage I foster spills into every aspect of a person’s life and confidence blossoms. I witness this in my classrooms every day. It’s why I love teaching so much.

I realised some time ago that art doesn’t have to be serious to be meaningful.

You can just simply love creating it.”

Mermaid Circus is an online Workshop unlike any other.

This is an experience.

Along with step-by-step, rich-with-detail technique lessons,  INSPIRATION is on the menu.

  • 8 weeks of dizzying creativity
  • Step by Step videos of Teesha and Jane’s creative process.
  • Teesha’s collage Secrets!
  • Drawing and painting figures with Jane Davenport.
  • Witness 3 separate Journals coming together!
  • UNIQUE!  Collage sheets exclusive to this class for you to print and use!
  • Interact with Creativity Icon Teesha Moore and Artomologist Jane Davenport in a Private classroom and Facebook Group.


as a special bonus : witness Teesha’s world-famous Style being developed through the history of her amazing Art Journals!


PLUS three months’ extended classroom access so you can watch the videos and access the lessons as many times as you like



Please note:
* High-speed internet is required to watch the videos.
* Facebook access is required for full interaction with this Workshop.
* This isn’t a ‘beginners’ class. The video about the class sums up the sort of work we will be doing. If that is out of your comfort zone, please accept my invitation to start with  Supplies Me. Ultimately you are the only one who can gauge your suitability.


What happens after Registering? Clicking on the ‘Register Now’ link above will take you to our Registration Page and then Paypal. You will receive a receipt from Paypal and a Confirmation Email straight away. If you don’t… then check your spam/junk files at your Paypal email address.

The current session of
Mermaid Circus is Full.

Click here for the General Workshop FAQ page

Here are answers to the most asked questions so far:

  • The Mermaid Circus Classroom opens on September 2nd and closes on Jan 22nd.
  • There are 8 weeks of Live classes.
  • You have three months continued Classroom access after the Live class is finished (closes on Jan 22nd).
  • Prices are in Australian Dollars.
  • Class Access will be sent to your Registered Paypal email address on opening day
    Keep your eye on your email, including junk mail, for the VIP access.
  • Refunds are not possible once passwords are issued.
  • Do I HAVE to be in the Facebook Group? No, but it is alot of fun and a great place to share your work in a private, support space.
  • Skill level: suitable for anyone with creative confidence! ( If you are an art newbie, complete Jane’s foundation class ‘Supplies Me’ first.). If the artwork in the video excites and inspires you, dive on in! Ultimately you are the only one who can gauge your suitability, but be brave!
  • Do I need hi-speed internet? Yes, the videos are high quality and their are lots of them.
  • Are the videos downloadable: no
  • Supplies:
  •  Some paper for bookmaking if you would like to make the shaped journal.
    3 x large sheets of Hot Press Watercolour paper – 22 x 30 inch, 140lb or 300gsm.
    Recommended brand :Fabriano artistico 140 lb, hot press paper, or Strathmore Mixed Media 400 or 500 series.
  • Liquitex Matte Medium: click here
  • Prismacolor Coloured Pencils: click here
  • Acrylic Paint Pens or markers: click here
  • Access to a colour copier and ink jet printer will be beneficial.

Run away to the Mermaid Circus with us!



The current session of Mermaid Circus is Full.