A Brave New Year!

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I have some fun news, I am joining the Brave Girls University as a teacher this year!

To celebrate I have a code that gives a free trial month!

I am creating my courses and will have them up in amongst the glittering classes already there probably after I have ‘Wonderland’  – my watercolour workshop wrapped up.

One of my New Year Resolutions  was managing my ‘screen time’ better. There is NO POINT in promising myself LESS screen time… I love it too  much, but I can make an effort to fill my screen with informative, inspirational and uplifting  material.

What I love about Brave Girls is the variety of workshops. Most are short and sweet, so you can have them playing on a corner of your computer screen, or on an ipad, or your phone while you are doing other things. Squeezing them into your day!  There are teachers here that I am familiar with such as Kelly Rae Roberts, Flora Bowley, Orly Avineri, Dina Wakley, Tam Laporte, Jeanne Oliver, Mindy Lacefield and Melody Ross, but lots of fab women that are new to me too.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 9.10.11 am

Look at some of the classes featured for January!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.37.37 am

A little info:

“Brave Girl University is a vast, growing library of soulful online classes, on everything from painting to life planning to stitchery to metalwork to overcoming grief, and so so much more.

Over 80 of the world’s best teachers have come together to build this incredible platform, complete with thousands of videos, PDFs, writings, podcasts, and more–and it’s all accessible 24/7 to work on at your own pace, for one affordable monthly subscription.

It’s a one-stop gathering place for learning, growing and becoming, through hundreds of classes taught by dedicated teachers who offer soulful ways to make life better, happier and more authentic for every woman.”

Access it ALL for just $24.95 per month.

Your Coupon Code for a free trial month is


You can click here to enroll:

click-here-ButtonAnd if you love it, you can continue on, and if not you can cancel anytime.

So now I have to plan what I am going to add!

In the rather spectacular lineup of course offerings, I want to add something new and fresh. Something authentically ‘me’… so you know it will involve  girls, mixed media, colour and journals!

What would you like to see me include in a class?

Planning out and creating my workshop and class content is one of my absolute  favourite things in all my work life. I really find it fun!.

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  • Vicky

    First up – Jane Davenport in BGU – OMG OMG OMG!!!!!

    I participated in the Brave Girls course many years ago now during a period of time when I was in a very dark place and trying like hell to drag myself out. I found the course a life changing experience and can’t recommend it highly enough. I’m not in that space anymore and thanks, in part, go to BGU.

    In answer to your question, and knowing the course content, structure and aim, I would personally like to see you post about how you always keep your positive and vibrant attitude no matter what? You must have had difficult times in setting up your business and your online classes..?? How have you come out the other end and maintained your giving attitude? How have you kept the most amazing confidence in yourself? How do you manage to live life with such vitality and dive into things head first? And how do you juggle all those balls in the air and still keep on top of things?

    Not sure you can cover that all in the time frame you have – but those are the types of things I know I would benefit from.

    Even though I have “graduated” (used loosely) from BGU – I still feel drawn to it every so often just to refresh the learnings I thankfully gained when I first did this amazing course. Melody certainly had a vision and has successfully accomplished it. I know you input from you will only enrich the course for all others that participate.

    Not that you need it, but, good luck Jane. xxx

  • Audra

    Hi Jane,

    I have an idea but not so sure if this is good. Just what I have been wondering . I know you like to draw girls but often girls are not far from the boys. I mean I like to draw a princess but would be nicer for me if I could also the Prince draw. Or sometimes I draw my daughter as small princess but I have difficulty to draw her best friend who is a boy. But that is just my idea, sorry if that a bad idea.


  • Beth Harcourt

    I really liked your looking at masters of the past – pre-raphaelites women – into your own work. But like others have said anything you do will be fabulous!

  • Liz

    How wonderful! I think anything you come up with would be fantastic! Maybe watercolor with any of the girls or perhaps a mixed media class using your face stencils. Seriously, anything would be simply lovely! Super excited!

    I know you’re taking suggestions now, but when do you think your class will be available? Is there an expiration date for your free code? Like do I need to sign up by the end of the week or month?

  • Lara

    Jane, I have only recently discovered your classes but am loving them. I was planning to work my way through them in order but once I began supplies me I couldn’t resist joining miss Quoted (and am eagerly awaiting Wonderland). One of the things I’ve noticed is how you combine creativity and introspection. You have the most wonderful quotes and phrases to go along with your art. I’ve wondered what you see when you look through your journals. I’ve found that I will create a page and I’ll add words to it because they just seem to work together. When I go back and look at them they often tell me more about what’s going on in my heart and head than I had realized. I had been so focused on the art and creating. It’s so joyfully therapeutic without being heavy handed the way other journaling can be. I suspect that you may be in a unique position to talk about that, and the bravery it takes to create art, mix in your fabulous Brave Girls who always seem to be soft and strong in equal measure…..that’s a class I want to take!! Thank you for creating a safe class environment to learn. You are more inspirational than you know!

  • Rikelle

    Yay!!! I’m so excited to see you join. Having been a long time fan of both you and BGU, I think you’re a perfect fit. One of the things I love most about BGU is the combination of uplifting soul work and creativity. I think it would be awesome if you did some sort of journal work that featured your girls that you do so famously with your personal how to be an artist lessons. Like how you overcame your fears, how you deal with artist block, self criticism, etc. Kind of Jane’s Flying Lessons. My two cents – I know whatever it is will be lovely!!!

  • Michelle

    I love anything you do but I would love to see your take on some of the glamorous women icons of years gone by…ie your take on Marie Antionette, Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe..!!!

    • Jane Davenport

      I feture Audrey and Marilyn in Express Yourself – because…. they are awesome! I agree…. I like the idea of an ANtoinette – she was a brave girl!

  • Robyn Wood

    Fabulous news Jane! Congratulations. BGU is a wonderful resource and the classes there are so varied, there really is something for everyone. I’ve been a member since the beginning & still working my way through all of the delights on offer.
    You cover so much content in all of your classes so it is hard to suggest something new. How about combining your girls into an imaginary scene with with little animal figures? I loved the girl with her owl you did in Miss Quoted.
    oh and a watercolour taster class – you create such beautiful girls using your different techniques.
    Can’t wait to see what you do! xx

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