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To get me all the way to ‘Jane-uary’ without turning into a disco ball that spins of its axis and goes crashing through the universe, I need to take some  action! I figure that a Countdown got me through to the #Jane’s Secret announcement safely, so best I go with what I know works.

(Timer is set to EST in the USA.)

I can start to reveal my whole line then! I will be dropping the previews like crazy on Instagram (If you are not on Insta yet, what are you waiting for? Seriously! It’s free and a fun way to see what is going on in the creative world. You can click here and get started: Jane’s Instagram)


In the USA and Canada you will find the whole range at your local Michaels store! The full line is expected to be in every Michaels store across the USA and Canada. Although ‘Jane-uary’ officially starts on the first day of the new year, and it is possible some Michaels stores will have their displays up, we don’t expect that every Michaels store will have the treasures ready for you until the 5th of Jane-uary.

You can visit by clicking the logo below:

Michaels don’t ship outside North America, so everything will also be available on this site!

Happy Days!




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  • Greta Gubbins

    Jane-uary 5th! My Michael’s finally had everything available and in stock. Ooooo! So many choices. The packaging is adorable and the names for the colors? Nothing short of YOU! Thank you for making your dreams come true and for sharing your vision with us. xoxo

  • Linda Fitch

    Believe in it! It’s where it all starts for every artist and for all things in life,You have to believe with all your heart and color your dreams with a rainbow of the gourmet of colors. You are living proof Jane! Congratulations.

  • Margaret Beck

    I’m very excited and anxious for your products to arrive at our Michaels store! Love your color pallet and use of materials!

  • Cathy

    HA HA. I saw, I saw. Go to Michaels website and everything is listed. Yipee, in my price range and things I need and things I want to try and and and. All “out of stock” but wow. Amazing. I bet they get in stock on the first. Thanks Jane for an amazing line. First thing, the pencil holder and the transfers and the face stamps. and and and. Good thing I got a gift card for Christmas. I am heading to Michaels tomorrow to sneak a peak and see if your stuff is there yet. I know it WILL sell out. congrats.

  • Cynthia Ford

    I visit my local Michael’s often and wonder each time where our Jane’s section will be! So exciting!!1

  • Angela

    I’ve been waiting to hear more… Can’t wait! 🙂

  • Sandy Derryberry

    Super excited to see it all..especially the paint markers. Yay Jane! Yay Michael’s! Yay creative play!!!

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