Gorgeous Gradients with Aquapastels and Mermaid Markers

It happened by serendipity. I swatched the new Aquapastels on a page opposite the Sunbleached set of Mermaid Markers… and then I closed my journal before the swatches dried. When I went back later, I discovered the Mermaid Marker ink activated the Aquapastels, delivering an extra burst of juicy mingled color.
I’m not one to let serendipity go to waste! I pulled out my large Jane journal to do it again, on purpose this time.
I started with a line drawing of a little paper fox, using a Paint Over Pen in Mermaid. I want the lines to contrast the color inside them, so I went over them with a clear wax crayon. A colorless blender for pencils or Jane’s Power Pastels will also work.
Starting with the Aquapastel areas, I filled in most of the shapes with a Seashell Mermaid Marker, leaving some white space at the chest, side, and tip of the tail. The Aquapastel color spreads in the wet ink, but after a while the Mermaid Marker takes over again, creating a lovely ombre.

Then I came back with a plain waterbrush to blend Seashell a little more softly into the white space.

There are so many dramatic possibilities with different color combinations! I recommend using a Mermaid Marker that’s lighter than your Aquapastel, and keeping your colors analagous (close to each other on the color wheel) so they don’t blend into mud. Serendipity awaits you!
Hannah Sheehan is an artist and educator in Springfield, Missouri. She posts her creations at HannahSheehan.wordpress.com, Facebook.com/HannahSheehanArt, and @HannahMadeIt on Instagram. 
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