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I really do have to pinch myself some days, because I can’t believe my creating-art-supplies dream came true in such a wonderful way!

This morning I did a little Live video of the new ‘Power Pastels’. Live Youtube videos are longer and waaaaaaaay less polished than my other videos, but I am just getting so much personal joy out of creating them.  They are longer than a normal video, but I hope that you still efind them fun, inspirational and useful.  I never quite know what I am going to be doing… I set a direction, and set off!

It was after my first Live Youtube that I really decided to embrace a new way of sharing my collection. As we head to the Official launch date of November 10 at Michaels Stores in the USA, I will keep creating them and sharing the inspiration behind each item, colour choices and their names and  it feels like a really wonderful way for me to share the collection with the world.

For my first collection I created a workshop, made a video for every item and organised a design team… it was a lot of work! For this collection I didn’t have the time to organise any of those things.

Or the energy!

As well as this dream of art supplies coming to fruition, I have also created two online workshops this year and have created my next two books. And unlike a normal author, I actually design every page of my books, take all the photos, do all the scanning of artwork etc.  It’s just the way I like to work.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in there I have been designing my second Mixed Media collection (the one coming out now) …and the next JDMM collections. It never stops, and I don’t want it to. But  I hope you can understand my delight in finding a way to share this collection that feels really good to me.

I also LOVE seeing review videos for my collection. I really enjoy seeing what people create and how they use what I have designed.

So that’s my news for today!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend,





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  • cmleonardo

    For Security reasons, I choose not to belong to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. So I love that you are on YouTube, Jane! I enjoy the “looseness” of the videos. Thank you for bringing them to us!

  • onskris

    I love your live video’s, no need to apologize or explain yourself! You provide us with inspiring products and content. You make your mark 🙂 You can’t always do the same thing and stop evolving. Go for it!

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